The Abusive Review Quiz

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Good Game

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Author Comments

Take the Abusive Review Quiz and see if you can manage to get 20/20 votes right.

Also, this was a 10 hour challenge.

9 Medals Added, but waiting for approval, I hope they get approved*

EDIT: Made it harder by hiding the score bar and removed the cheat of pressing tab on the "Help" button and clicking the useless button for +1 to the score.
EDIT2: Since medals only appear once, I added a "Resend Medals" button in the Credits. Notice: it will only resend the ones you got after completing the quiz, sorry.
EDIT3: Fixed an issue if you get 0 on the quiz.
EDIT4: Daily 5th!? Thanks to all newgrounders!Also, fixed the replay button which was not appearing and included 2 links to submissions from reviews I took. If you find any more bugs, please PM me.
EDIT5: Medals got Approved, go get 'em!
EDIT6: Fixed a couple of issues with the medals. If you still have issues let me know through a PM.



Okay, so I guess that some of the things in there we disagree on, but that might be that my opinions of helpful / unhelpful and those that are borderline abusive do kind of blend together under the circumstances.

That said, you've done a good job here - I'd personally suggest that you give people more of a breakdown of why they were right or wrong over each review, thus making it more of a public service announcement than a game, but I still think it would get the message across.

Perhaps you'd like to discuss with me via PM about the specific answers - hell, I may be a Review Moderator, but on balance, there are times when the mods themselves disagree over whether a review is abusive, useless or even helpful, while some people would ban, others would merely delete the review in question, so it is up for interpretation.

I particularly like the new "Endless Handbag" remix that accompanies this game, though the option to have vanilla Endless Handbag should be there.

[Review Request Club]

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Hacsev responds:

I'll be sure to contact you once I decide to make a second one. At first, I was going to give an explanation of why it was/wasn't abusive, but I had no time for that, I'll add it to the second one, no doubt on that.

The song at first was the Endless Handbag loop, but I figured I have been using it too much on my flashes, so I chose the next best thing!


Never knew people liked quizzes so much. Got 13 score on my first try, Now I don't know, if you got a good score on this, do it for real and vote on the reviews below.

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Hacsev responds:

13 is good for the first try. Yeah, and the point was so people would vote for real on submissions.

lol so hard

i tried and tried but my score is always twelve lol
also great game
that is all

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Also that "Resend Medals" button is a nice touch just in case one might not get medals to appear on page when they should. The only think you could have possibly done is something another user had done earlier and try to make a few different kind of sample reviews along with adding in a random coding that changes between reviews to a new random one rather than the same ones.

The background was a nicely done yet simplistic thing and the medals don't appear to be hard to get .I guess it could be a good starter piece for someone who is not used to flagging reviews or submissions. I think you did a nice job on this one for your first actual game piece.

Overall, good effort, nice medals.

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Hacsev responds:

I also thought of doing that, but I couldn't find a code for it. Something like "Name that Pokemon" flash, right?

Yes, it is a really easy quiz for starters. There is still a secret medal which no one but me has obtained. I won't reveal much, but if you PM me I'll give you 2 hints. Thank you for your review, SCTE3!

Not bad, but difficult to learn from

I like the premise of this quiz: help people figure out which reviews are helpful, useless, or abusive. However, I think you should replace the score bar that you removed, as you mention in your first edit. I (assume) that this quiz is to help people learn, and learning is easiest when the player gets immediate feedback on whether an answer is right or wrong. I know you mentioned that you wanted the quiz to be harder, but that doesn't make a lot of sense if you're trying to teach people: why make it harder on them?

I'm an undergrad in psychology, and I've taken courses in how people learn, so this isn't coming out of the blue.

Thanks for reading ^^

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Hacsev responds:

I decided to hide the score bar because the medals would have been way to easy to get, which was not what I was aiming for. But, yes I agree with your review completely.

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3.83 / 5.00

May 15, 2011
9:19 PM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz
  • Daily 5th Place May 17, 2011