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IT's only a joke guys, calm down. Really...


I watched this..

Whilst smoking a ciggarete.

The animation was pretty decent dude, nice to see some indie work up on the front page every now and again, you're clearly on the road to getting much better, overall I'll give this a 7.

The music was ok, the animation was fitting and the message, although I do enjoy smoking, is commendable.

Good job.

vakavadesigns responds:

Thanx Chazz! Don't worry I'll practice more and hopefully the next piece will be better.

I smoke.

I smoke and im personally not offended by this. I get it because even i hate the smell of smoke when its not my own and i certain hate been boxxed in with it.

I dislike the nazi attitude the world now has against smokers though, we know the risks... we know what it does to our health its our choice right? and thats what makes us human the ability to make our own choices.

as for the animation i found the song pretty annoying.. not because its about smoking but the voice and lame ryhmes. The animation wasn't too bad for what its for.

Anyway those are my half asleep thoughts.

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vakavadesigns responds:

At least you're man enough not to take it personally and get all huffy... Some people act like kicked dogs over this, and it's just a horribly done animation done for kicks.

I agree, personally (I didn't create the song) that smokers should have a right to do their thang. I'll just be a few city blocks away while they're doing it as the smoke literally chokes me.

Thanks a lot for a fair and balanced review.


I dono the guy below was a bit of a prick, but he has some good points, but i would only really reflect that on when the song says "I don't think it's fair for them to pollute my air" or something like that, cause i mean really smoking smells bad and not everyone likes it but i can think of a thousand inconvenient things that people do that i'd rather see stop before smoking..... but ya thats not important, song was catchy, animation was alright, 7/10

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vakavadesigns responds:

Thanks Jordan!

If you don't smoke cigarettes

You'll live forever.

vakavadesigns responds:

Haha! XD


nice animation!
the non smoking guy in the video is the sadest one tho..
i'm nice was awesome

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May 14, 2011
11:03 AM EDT
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