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Dimension Diver

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Here we have it. ESP Animation's first sponsored game! I'm very proud of this one and there'll definitely be much more to come in the future!

Dimension Diver is a solid platformer that plays out similar to games you've played before, only this time, you also have a Dash technique which allows you to string together combos of enemy pops (kills). There's plenty of levels and extra content to unlock once the game is complete. There's also various modes of difficulty. Check it out!

- Eric, ESP Animation


I always wanted to know

what mario would look like on other planets...... crap ha ha. its good just, ugh boring the hole mario style gaming is just old and boring where the new? how bout next time just call it Mario Remake


looks nice. ungodly terrible controls

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It game has longevity(it last), something that most flash games lack. Here's the thing about I don't like. WHY DO I HAVE TO USE SPACE BAR TO JUMP.If this was a 3d game it would be understand about but, it's a side-scrolling game with very few controlls. I hate the dashing because I always accidentally kill myself with it. Nice game anyway...here's a 2.

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Ok the game is well anaimated and the graphics and the colors you choose are nice and everything moves smoothly. It is a game that is nice on the eyes.
My biggest problem with this game lies in the controls. Like when I try to jump forward the sometimes he normal jumps forward but mos of the time he flies forward causing me to hit into bad guys and the spike balls. This also happens when I just walking along the platform as well. This really messes up the game because I constantly hitting things that I am trying to avoid and I dying constantly. So this factor makes the game almost unplayable and certinaly two frustrating to want to spend time getting to the end of it.
I giving you two stars for the art and the anamation.

Game killer

It was fun at first but the first time I died I realized this game had a incredible fundamental flaw. When you die once ALL of your increased health ups go away. I understand you dont want them playing the first level 20 times for +10 hp dying and getting another health up.. That could have been solved by making it so any health gained on the level you died on was removed.. But not all of it. Perhaps platformer fans have no problem with this but the similar situation where death means essentially starting anew is the reason I play 5 minute shooter as opposed to any other space shooter on newgrounds.

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3.66 / 5.00

May 14, 2011
9:07 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop