Dimension Diver

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Here we have it. ESP Animation's first sponsored game! I'm very proud of this one and there'll definitely be much more to come in the future!

Dimension Diver is a solid platformer that plays out similar to games you've played before, only this time, you also have a Dash technique which allows you to string together combos of enemy pops (kills). There's plenty of levels and extra content to unlock once the game is complete. There's also various modes of difficulty. Check it out!

- Eric, ESP Animation


Quite Nice

As far as flash platformers go, this is one of the better ones I've played. There's a nice mechanic in the dash system and the game is just the right balance in difficulty on Normal (I'll explain why in a minute). The dash controls could use some fine-tuning in keeping mistaken dashes from happening more often, and it'd be nice if there were levels that weren't strictly left-right affairs and had unique objectives and goals set in them as well as offering the combo possibilities the game already has, but a sequel could address that ;).

It would also be nice if there were other hazards besides enemies, like flipping/disappearing platform, teleporters, and the such, just as long as the comboing aspect didn't get too diluted b/c it's very fun in this game.


For those saying the game is too hard on Normal: It's really not. There are two points in the game where u will start racking up way more lives than u ever need. One is in the first two stages, where it's easier to land combos. The other part is in stages 5 and 6, where there are so many enemies waiting to be chained that u can get many extra bonuses w/ no problem whatsoever, if u practiced the dashing mechanic earlier. I wouldn't say expect to beat the game on ur first attempt (it wasn't until my 3rd that I beat it, w/ 11 lives to spare and a full health gauge to boot), but that's a nice old-school charm to it. U learn through failure.

Also, DASH FOR UR LIFE! U can still correct ur landing trajectory after a dash, and u can do multiple dashes in the air of either direction, after about a second's delay. I might've stumbled on a trick where pressing jump as soon as u can technically air dash again will boost u up some to keep u in the air more and elevate u, tho I don't know if that's actually the case (did not need to use that for the l8r stages).

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Very fun platformer, i believe the controls are fairly balanced, if they were tighter then it might be too easy. My Score on Normal 391100.

finally something new

This game is amazing. i had so much fun and m pretty happy to say i made top 4 on the leaderboard. Keep it up and may i suggest putting achievements in this. would make it better.


The graphics are great and run smoothly even on this old machine. My only complaint is that the game is rather easy even on hard mode. I don't know why everyone is complaining about the controls. They are perfectly functional. Their loose nature might require some getting used to, but if you have all six units of health you can pretty much just spam dash in midair and win the game.


The constant risk of falling meant that the lack of jumping in the middle of a dash was a constant issue.
I did enjoy the method for healing, though I thought that the fact that you lost all your extra health if you died was alittle unnecessary.
It was very fun though, and very cool. The visuals were very well done.

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3.66 / 5.00

May 14, 2011
9:07 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop