Dimension Diver

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Here we have it. ESP Animation's first sponsored game! I'm very proud of this one and there'll definitely be much more to come in the future!

Dimension Diver is a solid platformer that plays out similar to games you've played before, only this time, you also have a Dash technique which allows you to string together combos of enemy pops (kills). There's plenty of levels and extra content to unlock once the game is complete. There's also various modes of difficulty. Check it out!

- Eric, ESP Animation


Not as good as i expected

First, the sonic+mario references of course as the people below me have said.
Second,u get pushed too far when u get hit.Ripped from castlevania.Controls could be better and the player simply moves too fast.
However the graphics are good and it has a save feature.

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I have to add som points for graphics, but I have to remove some points for the controls. I am a cautious player, but in this game where i try to position myself just right by tapping the arrow key in whatever direction I need to go I dive off a fucking cliff. The dash function badly needs its own button. Diversity was okay.

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A game that never evolves past the first level.

Ignoring the Sonic/Mario references, this game lacks something that would otherwise make it a great game. As it stands, it's an average game. That is, it's not BAD.

Despite different enemies and backdrops, nothing seems to change in the game. I'm thoroughly disappointed it's the same boss every stage, with a minor power-up each time.

If I could suggest anything, it'd be a change of game play. Make some levels multi-story, add some elevators, allow the player to actually fly (which DD seems to be capable of).

Incidentally, for some reason, 2 tutorial screens whizzed by at the start, so I had to mash the keyboard to figure out the controls.

The sprite looks nice and I like that it has a waiting animation.

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Nice but

the controls are so crappy. Haven't sensibility.

pretty good. but

sonic fail kid below

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Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

May 14, 2011
9:07 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop