Music Quest 2 Beta

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The beta of Music Quest 2 is here! In this beta, you will be able to play a new game mode, Music Match. Please note that in the final version, Music Quest 2 will still have a listening mode similar to the original music quest.

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What should I engine should I use to play this...? I'm using Google Chrome and whenever I try to reload or esc>restart>replay over and over again a notice pops up and says "A security error is preventing the application from communication with the Sharendipity server." Please fix, I hear that it gets a lot of great ratings and I want to try it out soon enough.

The game has broken. A white screen with the message " A security error is preventing the application from communication with the Sharendipity server." is all that is displayed. It is a shame since I remember this being a great way to discover music. I hope ti gets fixed soon.

there are other thing to improve Music Quest..

besides making it a game. still The games are pretty awesome. Especially when you can create your own custom with bands you know. Games would be a bit more challenging if it didn't use titles from the other bands in the answer choices because that made it obvious for me. And also some of the youtube videos could give away the answers in what we see in the video.

Hard to judge

Hard to make any suggestions, since it's only one strange mode in this beta.
But I've liked the "HD" button, surely the first lacked that so much.
Also personnaly I think? you'd better work more with the main concept of Music Quest, than some "additional games". It's OK, while it doesn't affect the main functionality. Since the making of such additions consumes the time, which could've been spent on more useful features.

Fantastic game, fantastic concept.

However, this game would be better served by it's own website. Also, whenever I played I seemed to be locked in the Hip-Hop genre. Not that anything's wrong with the genre, I just would have liked to hear something else occasionally. Or is this intentional of the beta? However, as said before, this game would be served better by it's own website and a potential multiplayer mode where contestors try and answer as fast as possible? This has a lot of potential. Also, I have no clue what rastachucker was saying. It works perfectly in Chrome, as does anything else on this site. I hope you're planning on a port to the iPad as well :)

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May 14, 2011
12:38 AM EDT
Gadgets - Musical