The Mouse Kaleidoscope

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I came up with the Mouse Kaleidoscope idea a long time ago, but waited a while to actually make it in Flash. I recently decided to put it on Newgrounds. It has 297 mice. This is my first thing on Newgrounds, so I hope I'm not doing anything catastrophically wrong right now. Sorry if the logo is too big and distracting in the back, I just thought I should put it somewhere. Anyway, I hope that the Mouse Kaleidoscope will keep you occupied for hours! Maybe not hours. Try to spend at least a few seconds on it, though.

Like I said, I'm new here, so I hope it's not rude to put my website, because that's what I'm doing right here: http://unknownthingamabob .com/

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To B-L-A-Z-E

This is a gadget you know. Its goal its to entretain, in other ways.
Anyways, i love it, was hard to work it out at first, but later i was stuck arould 10 min. wathing the fucking kaleidoscope go, and go.
Nice one!

What a great idea!

Made me laugh!

Not exactly a game.. but it's really cool!

This is really cool! too bad that it's too short to deserve an actual good rating, but really a great idea! So i'm stuck, I like the idea, but it's not enough for an actual game.
For idea 10/10
For game 1/10
That leaves you with a 5.5 overall, which rounds up to a 6 XD

Not bad

Not exactly the most amazing thing I've seen, but for a premier upload, this isn't all that bad either. I messed around with it making it like a visualizer to my music. Maybe with some revamped graphics it'd make a solid visualizer on it's own. Kudos, I'll give it a 3.

a kaleidoscope of cursors

a TON of cursors. thats cool.

Credits & Info

3.57 / 5.00

May 13, 2011
9:19 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other