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Eluder is a challenging platform game with many mechanics for easier environmental travel and defense. Learn and understand each puzzle's pattern and progress until the end. Medal not yet approved.

Do not play if you don't enjoy challenging games.


Movement - Arrow Keys
Jump - Space Bar

Additional control explanation in "Tutorial Mode".

Note: If game appears laggy physics will be adversely affected. Runs best on a good computer.


Could be a good (and very hard) game

This could turn into quite a good game, but it needs some more polishing here and there. The jumping parts (and this game IS mostly about jumping) are pretty hard and the timing is not easy to master. I think it would help if the character could jump only a little higher, or if the "air time" was a little longer. Sometimes I had the feeling the guy hits the ground only a fraction of a second after I hit the space bar and because of this I often missed jumps.
Also the wall jumps are a very difficult thing to do, because the game seems to be a tad bit too fast (for me anyways ^^).

I didn't play the game for too long since I got frustrated after I missed a jump for the umpteenth time in a row...

Anyway, to give this review a more positive note:
As I've said, this could turn into a good game. I like the design of the game. It's simple, yet very effective. I also like the game music. It is quite relaxing and it keeps itself in the background very nicely.

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Hard anyways

Going to start off with just asking why not use a Newgrounds preloader? Just asking because I have never really enjoyed listening to those ads that pop in with those kind of preloaders to say the least.

The game itself was challenging anyways. The blue and red rooms were harsh however there was one room that I spent more time on than any other room in the game sadly and that is the third screen.

I started off seeing it could possibly be a fun game but then I came there and spent roughly around twenty minutes just trying to get the jump perfect to fit into that small space near the top. I would reconsider possibly lowering the area a little bit so players can get in there a bit easier rather than just allowing most players to get frustrated there and quit. If they quit there because of how hard the jump is then likely they won't get to enjoy the rest of the game.

Every other area in the game was just perfected though. Guy runs a bit faster than I thought he would as well.

The audio used was very nice too. The gameplay physics were good except for once again wall jumping because from time to time when I was going to jump he would simply fall again which discouraged me a bit actually. Kind of adds a challenge though.

The graphics used in this game were very nice yet simple at the same time. Since this is an early version I hope the future versions offer a bit better game play physics anyways.

Overall, just need to fix up the physics a bit is all and the landscape of a couple of rooms.

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... Physics do not work right for this game.

I have tried to give this game patience for a full hour but when you can't even clear the tutorial because the wall jump physics won't allow you through the tiny gap you've given them due to the ceiling, then the game just is not worth playing. If you are going to create a video game, you need to make sure, ESPECIALLY SURE that the play can actually FINISH the tutorial. Otherwise it sets a bad example for your game.

Wayne responds:

Um...I'm sorry you had trouble. I've completed Tutorial Mode and Play Mode multiple times without problems.

OK computer / Good computer

Please change your comment to:

"Do not play if you do not own a good computer that lets you to play wallet challenging games"

Game physics run on a good computer? This is a flash based game, expected to be played on a computer, if we want to play "good computer" games in these terms, we will expect something far more than flash can do.

No mate, simply no. If only I need that much computing power for a game, I will go out and play basketball, do some swimming or cycling.

Losing the momentum between screens? You want people to stop and think, then do it in a way that is has the meaning of "there is a little challenge mate, take your time or die trying" in it. Not creating a boring/frustrating situation.

Controls to make you feel challenged? Yeah I want you to challenge yourself while chopping wood with an axe tied to your forehead! Not everyone plays this game on a desktop, laptops can have a smaller space or the keyboard design in physical terms differs a little, which makes to push two buttons at the same time hard - or well, just my hands are big, because of wood chopping.

Game wasn't that hard, it was ok by the way. 3/5 6/10.

Wayne responds:

I'm sorry you're unsatisfied with that comment, mate. I'm simply stating that based on observation lag seems to cause gravity issues and I am just suggesting the game be played on a good computer. The losing momentum between screens wasn't intentional, it's an odd and negligible glitch that doesn't occur in the IDE I was using and only appeared upon export, and I'm not too sure how to handle it at the moment. It's really only noticeable in Tutorial mode and is a minor inconvenience. The reasoning behind two buttons was to increase jump flexibility providing you the option to jump in the opposite direction or simply fall off of the wall. I am pretty sure the two button concept is a standard wall jump configuration. I thought I successfully implemented some "there is a little challenge mate, take your time or die trying" situations in the game, or at least I hope I did. Thanks for the review and thanks for playing.


The game mechanics are frustrating and make the game difficult to get excited about playing.

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3.60 / 5.00

May 13, 2011
5:03 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle