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Act 1 5 Points

Complete Act 1 with any rating.

Act 2 5 Points

Complete Act 2 with any rating.

Act 3 5 Points

Complete Act 3 with any rating.

Act 4 5 Points

Complete Act 4 with any rating.

Act 5 5 Points

Complete Act 5 with any rating.

Act 6 5 Points

Complete Act 6 with any rating.

Act 7 5 Points

Complete Act 7 with any rating.

Act 8 10 Points

Complete the final Act with any rating.

Golden Hero 100 Points

Achieve Gold in all 8 Acts!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Here is my fourth official game: Vexation!

Welcome to Vexation! An incredibly vexating game. You play as a mere stick man struggling to get through each stage of increasing difficulty. What's hard about it? Achieving Gold rating in each Act. Up for a challenge? Press play!

Hope you enjoy it despite it's tedious nature. Thank you <3

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I like it but the quality is very bad. So this was the original Vex

This game is horrible on act 3 why do I need to be so precise with my jumps? The hit box for the orange blocks is too big because I'm touching the purple blocks and I get bounced up also what's with the time limits? On the last 2 vex games the time limit was decent on this game you pretty much have to do each act perfect to get gold speaking of which WHY IS THERE NO MEDAL FOR GETTING PERFECT?!? Why do I have to do perfect if the medal for it is removed?

This game is not challenging. The stages are actually pretty tepid in comparison with true hardcore platformers. The fact that the stages are really small, often screen sized, collaborates to this. There is only a handful of obstacles on each, no life nor time limits. So the difficulty is around 7.5 / 10.

Things start getting hardcore when Silver and especially Gold ratings are desired, because there is now a very tight time limit and, even though deaths are allowed, they still take time to recover from. Then, the difficulty goes to a 9.5 out of 10. (10 would be "I wanna be the guy").

Hardcore platformers are all about control and level design. I had no issues with controls, and level design was indeed great - It has some sweetspots and shortcuts for the taking (for those bold enough to try their way around them). Examples include Act 2 final stage (fall between spikes) and Act 7 Stage 1 (quickjump to finish level in 6 seconds)

Contrary to the previous review (NeonSpider) I don't think that lives-only method of control would be reasonable because it would favor "turtling" instead of platform action, and would harm (or even kill) the premise to the game, which is VEXATION.

I do agree, however, that avoiding death in this game deserves a reward, or a medal. It is almost impossible to do so in act 8.

Decent game, if a bit hard. I would do away with the levels with invisible platforms though. Invisible platforms is less skill and more just trolling the player.

Sometimes the jumping seemed automatic especially when hopping from purple platform to purple platform. This would result in extra deaths.

I think the times are a bit too strict especially with how finniky the hitboxes are. You can get through an entire act reasonably quickly with no deaths and still not even hit silver time.

I would base gold/silver status on number of lives lost rather than quickness of act completion. 10 lives or fewer lost = Silver. 5 lives or fewer lost = Gold. 0 lives lost = Platinum (Platinum wouldn't give any additional benefit other than pat yourself on the back if you want. In-game it would count the same as Gold)

This way you give the player some leeway but it's still really hard. And you'd reward careful planning more than quick but possibly sloppy execution.

Is this a prequel series to vex?