The Pocalypse Defense

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UPDATE! Help us make The Pocalypse Defense 2! http://www.indiegogo.com/

We greatly appreciate the support and for spreading the word! :D

The Pocalypse Defense is a defense game based on The Pocalypse webcomic (http://www.thepocalypse.
com). You control Joe, a seemingly normal young man... but with super powers! With your friends Bernie, Jess, and robot Harry, your job is to protect the survivors' colony of New Hammerston from hungry zombies, violent mutants, man-eating plant monsters, homicidal machines, and survivor-snatching vampires!

This is the first game from Green Pixel (http://www.greenpixel.ca ) and we're very happy that it's finally being released to the public! Thank you for playing and for your feedback!

UPDATE: Thank you for your feedback! :D We've raised the amount of credits you get after every wave to make the game a bit easier! Also, don't forget that when the blue bar above Joe's head is full, SPACEBAR performs his powerful tornado attack, so use it to your advantage (he'll get dizzy after, though, so use it wisely)! Thanks again and we look forward to more feedback :D (Also, raised the clip upgrade numbers!)
UPDATE: Fixed the issue that froze the game at loading! Sorry!
UPDATE: We have a recurring issue with our ad-approval process that is freezing up the game at load time. We apologize and the game is now working again! We are working to permanently solve this problem!
- Added a Retry button that resets score and restores the gate's health, so you can retry the last wave.
- Made shotgun more useful.
- Added End Game & Submit Score button at the end of a wave.
- Joe is now able to reload and walk at the same time.
- No more interruption of reloading on mouse click.
- Added keyboard shortcuts for Harry's abilities.(Z, X, C, and V)
- More ammo for laser and faster reload.
- Nerfed the rocket launcher.
- Made Quick Fix cheaper.
- Fixed a few bugs.


Wont load

In your attempt to fix errors I think you broke your game guys, I love your series so please fix this so I can love your game as well... And annihilate it.


CrowCandorra said a bit of my thoughts, so I wont be redundant. I was upset though when I decided to quit that there is no save option. This game needs (NEEDS!) a save function of some sort, especially since there is all the customization and time spent upgrading your defenses. If there is a save function then it needs to be more apparent, because I looked hard for it.

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Much too Hard!

Graphic is nice, Idea is nice, good Enemies, interesting Elements with Harry and the different things but next to impossible.
Make the Quick Fix Cheaper. I Can't Afford 2000 Creds if i just got 2000 but couldn't held them better off. Make them reload Faster. It's like hes running into the armory getting the ammo and coming back instead of just Reloading. And make the Reload-Upgrade more noticeable and add more Clipsize per Upgrade then just 1. Lock it's senseless to pay 1500 Creds just for 1 more Shot.

Actually... It wold be better to give us more Creds per Kill or make the Upgrades Cheaper but now it is really frustrating with these... oh and the Enemies are too Hard. The most are Coming to the Door without you cold do anything with that. And in the End even with Damage Upgrades the Fist is the best weapon i noticed the Game.

Oh and there are a couple of Bugs. Thirst you cant shot if there are to many Ranged Enemies at the Door. They Shoot at You, especially the Laser Tanks, and you are interrupted the hole Time without the Chance of doing anything.
Then If you are Game Over and start over again in the first Wave are additional given Creds for the Kills from the Game Over Wave.

So in the End... I Wold really like this Game but it is just frustrating Hard. Not Challenging, it is frustrating...

If someone next time tests your Game and you fix it by theyre true Opinion, i think it will be a Masterpiece.

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4.11 / 5.00

May 13, 2011
2:11 AM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense