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This was a tough project to make. I made this game without any organization or any idea as to what I wanted the finished product to be, and because of this the actual engine for the game isn't the most efficient. There were a few features that I left out (Saving progress, and a pause feature >.<), simply because it would mean re-writing everything just to implement them. So, this was definitely a learning experience for me, but in the end I think I still ended up with a decent game, and I hope you guys think so too!

note: the game over theme was originally by the user Skeepsis who was on newgrounds, however it seems that he/she has since deleted their account D:

EDIT: Sorry it took me awhile to update the game, I've been very busy with school D:
-Fixed the audio so it plays throughout the entire game.
-Fixed and EXTENDED the ending of the game!
-Fixed a glitch where you could get millions of gold, and get sent to the end of the game. :P

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This is a really good game with an interesting concept!

Also was my game glitched or is the end just your character in a black room?

Well it's a beatyful game, full of meaning I swear.. But most of all this review exists 'cause I pratically ADORE the way you reply the reviews xD

NoPolygons responds:

Thanks pal.


I defeated the boss at the same time I was killed and the game took quite a bit of time to fix itself. I love the overall concept though.

NoPolygons responds:

Yeah, death can be a bit buggy at times! D: I tried to fix it, but the game engine I built for this game wouldn't allow it >.<

Anyways glad you liked my game (despite it's bugginess), and thanks for the review! :)

good but....

how do you use potions?

NoPolygons responds:

Use the E key for Health potions
and the Q key for Magic potions
It's in the tutorial! D:

im confused

for the end is it supposed to be a slightly darker screen after you get "attacked" and sent to the "white world"

NoPolygons responds:

Yup! If you keep walking the screens get progressively darker, until it's black. The main character is trapped in solitude. o:
Thanks for the review :)