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Made for TOFA 2011 Open Round. Yup.

Music: Mahamajama - Funk 101 (You Will Not Disagroove)
https://8bc.org/music/Mahamajama/Funk+101+%28You+W ill+Not+Disagroove%29/

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Another contest

It's interesting to see something sprung up so soon that's so well done. Probably the only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because it took awhile to understand the joke. Hmm, I probably wouldn't touch a bag of d*cks even for that. It reminds me of a Louis CK standup routine. What was cool was how awesome the animation was in this. Again, it reminded me of ZekeySpaceyLizard who has apparently retired here but at least does some guest work in Weebl's stuff.

It's a great homage to classic cartoons like Tom And Jerry. While there isn't a lot of slapstick, I'm reminded of it because of how there is no dialogue. All of the animal characters really let their emotions and body movements explain everything. "Tofa" sounds like some kind of Tofu product. The music was also nice and set a goofy tone.

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Fungasm responds:

In secret, I'm actually Zekey.

Real smoothe.

I understand that this was against the clock so the animation and overall quality was sublime. I understand the length it takes to make these things too, but personally I wish you could have gave the panting dog a task. Like, giving the crocodile an alaskan pipeline. (Google is your ally.)

Also the wheel o' fate had some epic win selections, such as do not pass go. Plus that music had my spine under the influence of groove.


realy well made, but way too short.


glad to see you finished it! well done mate!

It was good

I like your art/animation style, it fits nicely into what this was about. Same with the music. The only thing i didn't like were some of the faces the animals made, but i know it would be nearly impossible to show feelings with no talking or face-expressions. Overall, pretty good. I also like the fact you didn't show the horse eating them, i think there is enough of that crap on newgrounds already.

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4.10 / 5.00

May 12, 2011
10:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Original