Sieger: Level Pack

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Sieger Level Design Contest brings more challenging fun to Sieger with the Level Pack sequel!

You as a Siege commander have to kill all the castle defenders and save the peaceful peasants by carefully choosing what supporting blocks of the castle to smash.

Take the castle in less shots to earn the medals: Clear, Decisive and Brilliant Victory.

Loot treasure chests for extra score!

The fewer shots the better.

The Level Editor allows to create and share your own custom levels.

Check the People's Empire to play the user submitted levels.



GTFO Peasant can't you see I'm trying to kill some barbarians

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I Fucking Love Colo.. Creating

Command R for my Mac Keeps on reloading the page! EF

Eh...not doing it for me.

Its a fun game but in my mind totally unoriginal. Its pretty much angry birds only easier. You ideas need to be completely unique.


This review counts for the original and this pack.

I thought it was really good! I originally took it as a rip off of Castle Clout/Crush the Castle but it did have enough to distinct it from CtC. I think in some ways, I actually prefer this game - mainly for the glasshouse physics. Toppling things is fun, but actually smashing them apart is even more fun even if some of the structures are a bit hard to see shattering from even the strongest of stones.

The hostage element was also a nice addition; in CtC you really just cared about smooshing everyone and so you could get into a groove of just watching your slings, and not actually paying as much attention to the structure. The hostages made you pay a bit more attention and plan how you wanted to topple; not just where you wanted to toss your stuff.

The players pack had a lot of great levels - I loved all the levels with traps or poor hostages in danger; I think my favourite was The Bridge. That was so satisfying, lol. Get your kicks from running over innocent hostages? Better make sure your bridge ain't wooden.... :P

In fact a lot of the player pack levels are the reason I'm giving this a 9. Individually; I would have given the original a 7 and this one an 8. So I'm giving it a 9 (I don't give 10s unless it's genuinely perfect - just a reviewers policy.) and my only real complaint is with the difficulty. It was still challenging; especially some of the aforementioned "Stop the moving thing from killing the hostage" levels since they required good reflexes and wit - but it never really puzzled me for a long time on how to get the Gold. I breezed through both sets in only 40 minutes or so. At least every one of said minutes was entertaining.

I'm one of the only people on the planet without an iPhone or whatever, so sadly I can't buy the App version; but I probably would - and I'll definitely keep an eye out for any further NG sequels. Overall - Good job!

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So close

My biggest problem is that it took FOREVER for it to get to the results screen after a level was wrapped up... Iike a solid 7-10 seconds for each and every level. I wanted to play the game, but it was just slowing me down every time.

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4.24 / 5.00

May 12, 2011
9:26 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other
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