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Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop

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May 12, 2011 | 4:58 AM EDT

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Author Comments

- Added a Personal Highscore (saves locally)
- Added difficulty; gameplay now speeds up gradually as one progresses


With no prior AS or Flash knowledge, took around 12 hrs to make, saturday evening and sunday afternoon. I was going to add better balancing, ie. difficulty raises by speeding up the game, and highscores but ran out of time.

Constructive criticism is welcome, although please bear in mind that this is my first touch of Flash.

Please comment if you like the game and/or want new features!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

this is very cute

i really like this for some reason. yeah there are some things that could use improvement, but for twelve hours i am impressed. it's raining here as i'm playing this so maybe the dull outside has an effect on my liking this, but i think it's more how simple and fun it is. music is good, but without it i can just play my own music and kind of zone. i do like the fact that it speeds up, and how you just jump right into playing. the personal highscore is a good feature too.

good job!

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ZodiacMentor responds:

Thanks for the positive review! I thought about complexifying the game, but time constraints restrained me. Also, whenever I tested the game and tried to think of anything to add, I was kind of hypnotised by the simplicity.

It seems that some people notice this hypnotising effect, and some don't. So, I'll keep the game as it is, adding only bugfixes and updates that don't violate the KISS principle, but I am considering of making a "spin-off" game that has powerups, and levels and so on.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


nothing new or exciting, its a fun litttle game to keep you occupied for a few mins but after you play it once or twice it gets rather dull. Maybe you could make it more challanging in a way thats more fun? something to keep players intrested, over all i thought it was fun the first time but after that i didnt really want to continue nice job for 12 hours tho. Things you could improve on, maybe add in obsticals that block your path maybe make the map abit wider it just feels lacking in something.

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ZodiacMentor responds:

I thought about adding more stuff, but decided against it. I'm keeping this version as it is, with minor changes, or only changes that fit what I first envisioned.

The idea of adding different powerups, platforms, and so on is intriguing and I think I might do that. But if I do it, I'll make a completely new game out of it; I think this version is currently what the design ideas originally were.

As said, this was a fast project, my first with flash, and the design goals were comparable to that.

Thank you for your positive review and elaborate constructive criticism!


Rated 3 / 5 stars


A nice, simple idea. I would've liked some music, though...


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

The play button dosn't work!

I'm pressing the play button but nothing is happening... It's not lag or anything so it must be a bug or something. I'm giving it a 3 because of this BUT I won't rate it on the side vote... thing... (Wth is that thing called, on the side below the game info... damn this is embarrasing...). Plz repley when you think you've fixed it and i will vote on the side... thingy... and write a new review about your game. Thanks and sorry...

ZodiacMentor responds:

I have no idea how to reproduce that. Can you give me more details of your system? OS/Browser/Flash version.

As far as I know the buttons should work properly with the newest version of Flash ( .