Ocean Blaster

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this is one of my first game please tell me what u think and how to make it better.


Arrow keys to move
Spacebar to Shoot


decent game.

This is a decent game. there is a little exploitable flaw though. If there is an item on the screen and I die, it will still be there if I didn't get it. I would have an item that I shouldn't have. How do you use the nuke?

keep it up

zerick13 responds:

nukes are used as soon as u get them.

Not bad.

It could have better animation and a better menu,
(and maybe a storyline)
but other than that, it was good.
No gliches as far as I could tell.

Nice work.

Not bad...

It be nice if you added a money system to buy upgrades though, like different ships for more health and stuff, other than that it was cool

Not bad for a first try :)

This is actually pretty decent for a first time submission :).
Simple Graphics with decent gameplay make it not a bad flash.
But there are somethings u can do to improve it a little.

-A title screen. Make it presentable with a fancy title screen :D
-Pre-loader (optional). Either make your own pre loader to notify the gamer when the game's done loading OR download one of NG's preloader .fla files
-Better graphics.
-Recovery time. This is one issue I have to point out. Usually, when you get hit by an enemy, you take damage and start blinking for a moment. At that moment, you're invincible for a very brief amount of time. This is called recovery time. This is one of the only factors I dislike about this game.
-More power-ups. Shield, health and nuke are okay, but it could be better if there were more
-Make the power ups last longer. I noticed that when i got the Shield, it only lasted for five seconds. Why so short? Give it at least 10-15 seconds at least.
-Better SFX. From where this game stands, the SFX are not bad, but could be better.
-Less repetition. It seems that the only enemies are the enemy spaceships and the occasional boss. Pretty repetitive, since this is almost throughout the whole game.

7/10: Pretty cool

I hope to see more of your work in the future

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This game was easy, simplistic and repetitive. Reminded me of old NES games. HOWEVER, everyone has to start somewhere. Keep working at it and you'll get better and better before you know it.

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2.39 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
11:46 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight