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Mortal Kombat Abomination

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While playing the new Mortal Kombat game I decided to watch the movie Mortal Kombat: Annihilation with one of my friends. This is a parody of the Sub-Zero fight with Scorpion. We found some of the stunts and moves were odd and very impossible. So I figured why not make a parody animation about it. This contains more or less insider jokes, and if you have not seen the movie you may not get the other jokes as well. Its a good movie, you should go watch after you watch this flash! Hope you all enjoy it.



It was pretty decent. Some jokes weren't the best , but overall it was not bad. The art : Awesome , pretty good , nicely detailed.
The animations were not the best , as they lacked movement , but it was still well performed.
The voices...Well , they could be better. I don't mean the voices itself ,those are OK , i mean the Voice acting.
It's almost as if you were falling asleep making those!
Yet still it was a very nice , and decent , animation. Rubik's just mad 'cause he plays as Sub-Zero and he got his ass Kicked in this animation. Lol.

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VintageBro responds:

Yeah, personally and from being outside of animation I can come up with millions of funny idea's and Im the funny one through out my friends but when it comes to actually putting on paper its difficult for me, but its all about practice right ? Yeah my animation skills lack, but Im workin on it.
Haha its funny you should say that, I did all my voices at 2 am with a cold, not so smart on my part. It would be nice to have some decent voice actors and well. Haha yeah, well to each their own.
Thanks for the review I greatly appreciate it.

I like it =)

it was fun =)

VintageBro responds:

Glad you enjoyed it

It was .... borderline for me

I'm sorry, but 90% of this movie I didn't find funny at all (no offense, I just didn't). On top of that, I also agree the chipmunk sounding voices broke the movie not made it. In other words, use your real voice next time ... it's MUCH better.

I agree the animation and art do need improvement, but I did noticed that you are better than most so you should be proud of that. Practice makes perfect right?

Also, in your parody ... they were doing more talking than fighting unlike the movie, which is fine btw ... If you were going to keep all the talking, maybe find a unique way of incorporating that into the fight.

Shame sub-zero didn't use any of his magic.

The best part imo, was Lui (not Lu by the way) and Kitana were just standing around watching just like in the movie. I also noticed the sign she was holding, nice touch for the people that get it. For the people that don't, maybe state what that does.

Jokes, puns, and funny factor could have been greatly improved to increase it to a 8/10.

Animation tweaks could raise it to a 9/10

Better art would make it 10/10.

Good work for an amateur, I applaud you. Hope this review helped.


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VintageBro responds:

Hey, thats understandable right everyone feels differently and I agree I could have came up with some better material.
For the voices yeah I get that, but I just wanted to mix them up so I didnt sound exactly the same, I should look into getting voice actors.
Thanks, personally I like drawing just still images, Im not a huuugggee fan of animation but I like to fiddle around with it.
Yeah, all in all its the practice factor right ?
Lol ?
Opps on my part, yeah well I kind of figured either way the sign was just a funny little tidbit kind of thing.
Thanks, and thanks for taking the time to give me a response, I very much appreciate it.

Good, but seemed to try too hard

I really like the concept, that movie was completely terrible in so many ways. The animation worked well for the purposes of being a parody, but the voices were really annoying, and came off as trying too hard to be funny. From what I heard your regular voice isn't bad so I would just use that in the future. Just pointing out the ridiculousness of the situation while sounding completely serious is much funnier, but thats just my personal opinion.

VintageBro responds:

I do agree that the voices came off poorly. Like I said I did all of them and had to change the pitch and watch not, but I get what you mean. Thanks for the review!

Dear "Rubik-Sensei" if you want to flame get lost.

Good job kid , not bad , but still more room for improvements . Do be creative and have more innovative ways of showing a flash about sweet games x3 .

VintageBro responds:

Thanks, I greatly appreciate it. I do agree, my animation skills can greatly improve. If you like my art Im also on facebook, Ill send you a link if you'd like.

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May 11, 2011
10:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody