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hey folks. It's your best pal Clovv. and guess what.

never mind, don't guess...

I'M JOINING THE TOFA 2011!!!!! That's right! Here comes a summer of 6 rounds (hopefully) of competitive flash artist...ry

AND HERE IS THE OPEN ROUND, let's do this. Everyone else, survive till the end, you know I'm rooting for you all ;-*

Also thanx Pinkskull, you had very fast delivery of lines. I loved them!

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Seems legit...I'mma try this some time...

Seriously though, great work. The idea was far better than the last one I saw

someplaceelse responds:

XD thanks, I'm glad you liked it.

Not Entirely Sure?

Well your artwork is good and so is your animation. The story is good, but I guess it is a little odd, but not in a good way. The voice acting was great from beginning to end. Overall this flash is confusing, the game show of a prank call worked, but the extra life bit and then winning just didn't work.

|| Good Points ||
*Good Artwork
*Good Animation
*Great Sound
*Great Voice
*Good Story

|| Bad Points ||

someplaceelse responds:

Ahhh thanx. This review is so satisfying. I'll work on trying to make things clearer. ^_^

What was suppose to happen: you know on game shows where they have multiple lives, and if they get a question wrong you lose one? He lost one life, because he got the "question" (if you could call it that) wrong.

Hope it clears things up. Thanx again

Really Funny

I've watched it more than once and every time it makes me laugh.

You have a really weird but cool sense of humor, we should collaborate again someday!

someplaceelse responds:

Thanx, you were fun to work with as well Pinkskull. and I do get a lot of people saying I have a quirky sense of humor as well. XD

Your vid was cool too by the way.

Pretty Ok

The jokes were ok and I like how he doesn't know he's in a game show, that was pretty creative. One this I didn't like was the animation. It was kind of choppy and didn't really flow well. 6/10 3/5 Good luck in TOFA. So far you are only up against 3 people

someplaceelse responds:

thanx for the review. :O

Well played..

Loved the random bits and the humor was great.

someplaceelse responds:


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4.00 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
9:45 PM EDT
Comedy - Original