PSN is Down?!

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This is my first flash submission. Also, my first attempt on lip sync. Made in 3 days on Flash CS4. I also tried voice acting...*sigh* (not everyone can be Egoraptor...) Anyway, thanks for watching.

Made by Xaude
Voice : Xaude as himself
Music : Nyan Cat 8bit by Bunnymajs

NOTE: Sony is really a bitch...seriously...


Nice, nice.

For your first time, that's pretty decent. It ain't bad, and it definitely made me chuckle at more than a few parts. (Like the "You butt-fag. >:(", mostly 'cause I'm immature. XD)

To me as a viewer, there were a few issues though, mainly in the sound of it all. Certain things were louder and/or quieter than others, and certain sounds/voices contained clipping. (i.e., popped or "fizzled" distortion due to overdriven volume.) If I recall, a large majority of those issues could be solved (at least somewhat) in an audio editing program such as GoldWave or Audacity.

The only other issue I had was the quality. Is the microphone you were using any good? If so, then it really is such a horrible scene when potential voice acting is hindered by a sub-par microphone. Then again, I understand issues when it comes to obtaining one.

Still, like I said, for your first submission it wasn't at all bad; the animations weren't horrible, the jokes/comedy worked, and we could at least make out what you were saying. It can only get better from here, right?

Good work, man. ;D

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Xaude responds:

The mic wasn't professional. But i did use audacity. Thanks for the tips.

Not too shabby

As others and you as well have said, the voice acting isn't really good. Especially on the news part, where I still don't know what the guy sez.

The part I DID understand was very good though, I liked the timing of the humor and how the pitch goes up when he gets upset and stuff.

Drawing wasn't really special (kinda like mine tbh :D), but it really fit the whole thing so I dont think that's a bad thing really.

Just please give it a listen before you upload the next, really looking forward to seeing more.

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Xaude responds:

Lol, he said "Sh*t the fu*k". thanks for watchin.

yes exactly

and it keeps continuing!! skrw psn. But at least we get some kinda welcome-back gift, which allows us to download free game content yaaay. So a few more weeks.
x-box players up yours

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Xaude responds:

Haha, thats the spirit!

Could improve voice acting.

Funny because it's true, and nice to see the world expressing their anger through Flash, as stated above though, I could barely make out what you were saying. Just hope PSN is up soon.

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Of course it can be better

but I found that funny, maybe not hilarious but better than a lot of submissions on here, if this is your first time, it's better than other people's 10th time.

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3.26 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
1:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Original