Inverted Y

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Hero of the game inverted Y. He lives in the world of letters. He has the special ability to turn the world. Find all the secrets of this unusual world.



at first i thought it was just me, but turns out others find this frustrating as well. i'm not really good at games but i find it too long (though i did not finish it) give you points for the idea of using letters as charcters

Another miserable art game

I'm not sure what the obsession with art games is, but I get about a minute into this game, and then lose the will to live. Some art games are wuite good, but this ain't one of them

I kinda don't like it.

I'll start with what i like the things are made out of their word.But i kinda don't like the music and graphics and the story.Kinda hard though that's one thing good too.That's all.I might say it needs more work.

'fraid not

Another art game, they are popular at the moment. However to be a good art game the gameplay needs to be able to stand up by itself without the graphics, music/SFX and story. I will break these down one at a time just like an 'old school' NG review.

Graphics: Simple but clear, whats land and whats death is clear and easy to see. I thought the burnt orange would be harsh on the eyes but it works well. I guess a lighter colour would contrast too harshly against the black.

Story: Its simple but solid. "Someone who is different is given purpose and finds meaning in his life" Its been done MANY times before but thats because it does work. It does feel a little tired though.

misic/SFX: The background music sets the depressed mood nicely. Something more dramatic when Good G and Evel D show up would have been nice. The sounds are nothing special, they dont detract from the game but that also add nothing too it.

Gameplay: Here is the big failure. The level design is acceptable but the physics engine fights you all the way. The movement speed is too slow and the jump height is pitiful, these factors prevent imersion in the game which is the whole point of art games. The frustration overode the fun and experience for me very quickly so i gave up.

So to sum up- Graphics, story and sounds that serve their purpose, but only just and a physics engine that lets the whole game down. Im sorry but i just cant get into this.

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Needs work. lots of it.

Normally, I'm all for interesting takes on the platforming genera. this, however, isn't a good enough execution.

Graphically, it's whatever. feels like an indy-artsy game. that's fine, no hate for that alone, and the sound is perfectly tolerable, given the graphics and overall feel of being a really early console type game.

Mechanically, it's pretty poor. As spike said, the challenge is more into trying to figure out when a platform will appear, rather than what to do. Trial and error isn't fun- it's frustrating after a while. adding in the eventual enemies- and the "blindness" mechanic, and the game goes from "interesting, if frustrating" to just "frustrating"

However, You did, at least, allow us to skip the story, and just play the game, which is a very welcome thing.

Overall, I feel it needs mechanical work- trimming out screens with no purpose, making platforming a hair less trial and error, that kind of thing- and the game'll be a solid little platformer.

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2.81 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
5:33 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle