Inverted Y

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Hero of the game inverted Y. He lives in the world of letters. He has the special ability to turn the world. Find all the secrets of this unusual world.


Thanks for the hint in the beginning on the

top left, I do need to perform such actions before playing this. I like the graphics but there really isn't very much flavor in the game

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I find the game too slow, it lacks of action and challenges (and the challenges that it does has don't seem to be well planned or tested), the story has no sense at all and it's not even visually appealing. The only thing I like about this game is the idea of making a world based on letters.

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Character won't move

Some strange reason the inverted y wont move at all. though you get a 2 for the art style.

Let me be perfectly honest

I didn't look into this game expecting much. I thought it was another one of those crappy art games that has no substance or challenge whatsoever. While I did a couple of laughs at the beginning from how dramatic it was "Sometimes I want to die" But as I continued to play it, the stages became more and more challenging. I didn't finish it on my own, but that's mainly because I was too frustrated with the arrows on my keyboard constantly freezing up on me at the worst possible moments and killing me. While I'm really getting sick of art games, and feel that this would've been better without you trying to be edgy(which isn't so edgy when everyone else is doing the same thing) this did do what I feel games should do: offer a decent challenge. So I'll give you a 7 for your effort. Just, next time, lose the emo crap.

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I like it because the y was inverted and everything was made out of letters

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2.81 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
5:33 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle