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UPDATE: Front page! Woo! Also, I noticed some confusion about TOFA. Yes, it is INDEED a REAL TOURNAMENT, happening right now on Newgrounds! You can view it here: http://tofa.newgrounds.co m/

Dear future Dave, next TOFA entry, try not to make it too dialogue centric!

This is my entry to the Newgrounds Tournament of Flash Animators (TOFA) 2011 Open Round. The theme was to "Create a Game Show" and I only had 3 weeks to do this (it was actually only 2 weeks for me because I kind of goofed off the first week.)

This was based off of a movie my three friends, Matt, Ty and Mike made back in High School called "Amateur Film" where Tom, my twin brother, left to go do something, and my friends were bored and wanted to make a movie, so they kept pitching ideas for a movie, and each pitch would get a little cut away scene that would show why that kind of movie cant (or shouldn't) be done. I personally thought it was pure genius, but I wasn't a part of it! So when I saw this TOFA theme come up, I thought that I could make the spiritual successor to it by making this idea.

All roles have been reprized, just the setting is different. I hope you enjoy!


Instant Classic

VERY good animation! Smooth and consistent in quality throughout the whole flash.
Voice acting was top notch which made me feel immersed.
Music matched well, though sometimes I didn't really notice it because it didn't really stand out much with so much going on.
Awesome story, funny and to the point :)

Overall was a very good flash, keep up the good work!

It's Wacky and on at 8PM Central Time!

The artwork is great. The animation is superb, everything moved quite well. The sound effects were great as well. Not a lot of music, but what was here was great. The voice acting was also quite superb. The story is superb and this is was the main thing I liked about this flash. You took the theme and thought outside of the box with it, very creative. If I were a judge I would certainly send you to the next round.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Artwork
*Superb Animation
*Great Sound
*Great Music
*Superb Voice
*Superb Story

|| Bad Points ||

hahaha a lot funny

guys i am join in it XD if is true of course

newgrouds score

bluewolfen score

very smoth , the moves amazing and realistic the scrip very funny and sticky

really the pictures modifiqued with flash i dont like it in a movie
i really like see the type of drawns of flash movies


just nice cool and funny nice and easy all in 1 thx man nice work


I'll admit, I'm a total sucker for fluid frame-by-frame animation, so that right there gets you high marks, but the writing is great as well! The sheer idiocy of most of these show ideas is hardly even an exaggeration of the current state of reality TV, and I think my favorite would have to be "Who Wants to Solve a Murder??"

And THANK GOD, the voice acting is great! You used a high-quality microphone and have actors who can actually act!

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4.18 / 5.00

May 10, 2011
3:52 PM EDT
Comedy - Original