Dr. Shroud: Horseleech

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This is the follow up to Dr. Shroud's "Skeletons", the latest in the Dr. Shroud lineup. With numerous episodes I've posted to Newgrounds over the past 9 years, it is always exciting for me to put up new work for viewers to enjoy and comment. While I don't make these as often as I used to (or am able to!), I am hoping that changes soon. Thanks to NG (Tom Fulp and the gang) and their incredible audience, you have made Dr. Shroud a nice success with the very likely possibility of a live action feature film, an action figure and numerous movie industry nods. But my home is and always will be on the web, starting here at NG. Thanks for watching!


All I ever do is give...reviews

The coolest thing about this was the voice work. I am not sure why, but the voice actor really reminds me of Dirge from "Xombie". In fact, the atmosphere of this entire series (at least this entry) reminds me of the Xombie series. This is of course great in its own right. It's quite impressive with how you were able to come back with new episodes after all this time. The stories grow in sophistication along with the animation.

I really had little idea what was going on here, but it was great. The artwork is easily the best I have ever seen from you. There were just so many unique designs and an interesting mystery to go along with the designs. I just find it strange how he's able to bring out these red things that stab the guy. It might have been a longer fight.

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Dr. Shroud still kicks major ass!

I just started watching this two years ago, and I have to say; you have made notable improvements in your drawing, animation, direction, timing, and storytelling, Rob. Plus, it's nice to see you submitting again, along with many other NG 'old timers.' What's next, the return of Keegan's Truck, Combat Instinct, Joe Zombie, or The Lloyds?

Art & Animation: It may have the same Feldman style, but it looks a lot cleaner and more dynamic than Alley of the Dolls and La Maudite. In addition, you did a good job on the tweening, unlike most segment-tweening-based animators on here (example: Legendary Frog). Also worth noting is your clever use of gradients for light and color theory, something most people on here need to study as much as proportions, anatomy, perspective, form, and lighting.
Sound: Good job on the behalf of Science Friction for the music, and the only problem is with the voice acting. While it's not laughably bad; it could have been done better. However, I am thankful for the fact that you're not using people who are stale from overexposure.
Content: While I haven't seen the other episodes that were made after the La Maudite story arc; that didn't stop me from enjoying this one bit. Your direction and pace are excellent although that resulted in this being short. However, I'd rather have something that's short, but well-directed and written over something that's needlessly long due to bad direction and timing. However, I think that you could have included subtitles because the voice recordings are a little soft. That and the credits went by rather fast: not even fast readers could read all that in such short notice.

The Good:
-Excellent Direction and pace
-Compelling plot and dialog.
-Nice animation
-Clever color selection
-Fitting music

The Bad:
-The voice acting, while not bad, could have been done better and with a higher volume.
-Could have used subtitles
-Credits went by too fast

Overall: Mr. Feldman, will a nine out of ten suffice?

More, or MOAR!

Which ever you may prefer, there must be more of this series. The concept and animation are pretty original at least for NG. 5/5 9/10 for more of this masterwork.

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Liking the series :)

this really takes me back to thoughs old cartoons like scooby doo and johny quest it just has that same fibe. keep up the good work :)

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Oh, C'Mon

that was superbly dark & erie. there's GOT to be MORE

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