Dr. Shroud: Horseleech

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This is the follow up to Dr. Shroud's "Skeletons", the latest in the Dr. Shroud lineup. With numerous episodes I've posted to Newgrounds over the past 9 years, it is always exciting for me to put up new work for viewers to enjoy and comment. While I don't make these as often as I used to (or am able to!), I am hoping that changes soon. Thanks to NG (Tom Fulp and the gang) and their incredible audience, you have made Dr. Shroud a nice success with the very likely possibility of a live action feature film, an action figure and numerous movie industry nods. But my home is and always will be on the web, starting here at NG. Thanks for watching!


Love this series!!

Another great installment.


Sexy twins eating hearts! and and bloody knives!

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Splendid job! Can't wait for the next one.


that's great!!

I think I see what you're doing!

7 spots on the map, 7 victims in "Skeletons" and the "Horseleech" was one of them. Looks like Dr. Shroud is going to be dealing with his past. Glad a new one is out but I wish it was a bit longer and hope to see more soon. Also quick question usually when you see a vampire die of being staked it is through the heart not that there was anything wrong with the way Shroud killed that guy in fact was a bit cool. I guess what I'm getting at is what exactly needs to be done to kill a vampire in Shroud's world (I've seen a lot variation in fiction). I'll end my rambling by saying good luck with making the movie and more episodes!

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robfeldman responds:

Hi Psychochick! Yes, there is a ton of variation from world to world and culture to culture. In Shroud's world, it usually is a stake through the heart that does them all in. In some cases though, like in the case of the Horseleech, the creature is somewhere between monster and vampire, so they can die really a number of ways. The vampires in his world are ALL viral and each virus, based on how long they have had it, plays out differently. In other words, all bets are off. Shroud should play it safe and get them all in the heart. :)

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May 10, 2011
8:09 AM EDT