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"Easy" mode more "easy" now :)

Killing monsters heals you, while eating dead corpses heals you and makes you evolve (45 different evolutions). Your mutations depend on what you feed on. Will you survive long enough to unlock badass evolutions?

Instructions: Move with your mouse and attack/feed by clicking/holding the left mouse button.



Mouse click to bite. Also this game is great, you shouldn't make up mean reviews about this game.


i'm getting angry of playing this -__-


This game is REALLY GREAT!!!!

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Lots of potential.

As the other reviews have said, this is a very enjoyable game, but it's really let down by the difficult controls and small game play issues. It's annoying to have an AI that can move perfectly, sweeping up and down hitting you while you have no real option other than to just sit there as a spike mutant, or flail your mouse around hoping you kill it first.

This is only compounded on when enemies start running away when they're close to death, managing to kill other weak enemies or jack a corpse that someone just killed. Unfortunately the same options aren't available for you, and the enemies are more than content to simply chase you when you're low on life, literally teaming up on you until you've died. If corpses had a counter that only let the killer eat them after death, and if it was easier to attack other creatures, this game would be extremely addictive.

As of now, I've played 5 or 6 games and I'm pretty much done. It's very fun but it gets too annoying as the game progresses, which is unfortunate. I really do hope that you fix some of the issues with this and release a new version as a patch, or continue work on a possible sequel. Either way, this was a good game, thanks for sharing.

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Awesome game!

Thanks for playing! I hope you'll enjoy the game and figure out how to own everything :) In hard mode, just survive as long as you can... cause it's hell :D

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3.74 / 5.00

May 9, 2011
7:57 PM EDT
Action - Other