Batman: The Broke Knight

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Batman: The Broke Knight Returns
Part 1 (Part 2 will hopefully be up in a week or two)

A different take on Batman, kind of Adult Swim-ish. Batman has been so rich for so long that when he loses his fortune and moves into a small apartment, he has to figure out how to live like a normal person while fighting crime on a budget.

UPDATE: Forgot the load bar. Sorry. It's fixed now.


it was very funny, and the animation was good.

its really a shame that it didnt have more attention then what it did.

eccentric1 responds:

Thanks. Tell all your friends, pass it around. Check out my website!

Interesting concept...

Usually when you hear the concept of Batman being turned from a multi-billionare to your average middle class American, something just doesn't work out. However this delivers what it promises, in humorous way with Batman TAS meets Aqua Teen meets Southpark look...But I got to ask, who the hell undressed him while he was alseep? I especially liked how Bruce Wayne and Batman sounded so different, an excellent mark. And for those who have problem with Robin's voice, and believe Robin was never a girl, two character names to look up: Carrie Kelly and Stephanie Brown.

eccentric1 responds:

Thanks. The same guys that repossessed all his stuff took his pajamas. They were some fancy threads!


Robins not a girl. Never has been, never will be.

eccentric1 responds:

No, Robin's clearly a guy. He just has a REALLY girly voice.

Not very interesting

First of all, it was like an introduction episode, I thought it would start from the moment the recession hit, but instead you made the story with Freeze and I really don't think it was so necessary since it wasn't so special. The graphics are a little blocky, but not that bad, the audio is nothing special. The story just didn't get interesting. And the introduction and the fact Robin has female voice was funny, in rest nothing too interesting. You should improve the graphics, make the audio better some realistic sounds, not just boring music and the storyline should be more concentrated and interesting. Graphics 2/5 Audio 1/5 Storyline 2/5

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eccentric1 responds:

It's kind of an intro, I have a sitcom length script I split into 4 parts, so think of it like that. The fight scene was a setup to contrast with the next fight scene, where he's on a budget. Stay tuned for part 2.
As far as graphics, this is as good as I get. If someone wants to make some kickass animations for me, PM me and we'll talk. I'm more of a story and joke guy. (See all my other cartoons)

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3.36 / 5.00

May 9, 2011
2:24 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody