A Knight's Quest

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Go on a wild journey to find milk in this humorous oldschool RPG!

If you've ever played a Monkey Island game, you'll feel right at home.

Stuck somewhere? Check out the walkthrough here:
game/quest_for_milk_walkt hrough.html

WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
Spacebar to interact with characters / use dialogue options.
Mouse to select Pause/Inventory/Objective menus.

Update May 10: Fixed the walkthrough button in game (used to say Wlktrg or something)
Update May 10: Woo, front page! Glad everyone is loving the game!


Smart frog answer

About 1.73805468 to the power of negative 10, assuming you wanted that in km/pound.

Neat game. Lots to explore, but not the most exciting game either. I feel like mini games and combat would of just drawn it out a bit to much, so its a good teaser for the next one you were hinting at through KNIGHTS twin that may or may not be evil.


Really awesome but I would like to be able to continue the loaded game after I finish it.


This game was amazing, had so much fun playing through the game with all of the nostalgia and was amazing finding all of the easter eggs, i loved playing as the butterfly haha don't know why. Few things you could do such as add fights, achievements. Also an idea for the next game. 'Find the Perfect Grilled Cheese' food for thought. ;)

Juice-Tin responds:

And the food for thought, is food. Hah!
Seriously though, great idea... ;)

All that.....

hehehe well back into the game... it was good! i liked the story !! nice graphycs and a fun concept!!! it wasn´t a RPG game ...but i loved the adventure style!
And...one more thing.....at the end if u pick being very fast wish to the plant....u will be a freaking frog xD!!!
Soooooo good game and keep it up please!!!


Juice-Tin responds:

No man, the entire point of the game wasn't just to get breakfast...
It was actually lunch ;)

Great game!

It is a fun story without too many of the standard RPG-clichés. But I doubt it is a real RPG. Wikipedia says about RPG's: "A key feature of the genre is that characters grow in power and abilities" But the character doesn't grow in the game (except if you cal getting a wig growing)
But it doesn't matter. The game is fun, the world looks nice and the puzzles are easy too understand.

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4.06 / 5.00

May 9, 2011
1:59 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG