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SS - Male and Female

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May 9, 2011 | 1:22 PM EDT

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New Spirit Science every Monday!!

This week we talk about two parts of an incredible whole, Male and Female. No, not gender, but energy. There are 3 parts to this one, First, Energy. Then we look at Brain Hemispheres, and then the Indigo Children and Super Psychics (Because i promised we'd talk about that after lesson 2).

This spirit science will be the last introductory Spirit Science. Thoughts, Chakras, channeling and Male/Female were important starter topics that i wanted to cover off the bat. Especially Male/Female, you don't even realize yet just how important this one will be ;)

Enjoy! See you next time!



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Mix of Truth and Fiction

Much of what you are mentioning here is actually a spectrum, a continuum. Ideas like "Male" and "Female" are really the black and white of a gradient. The concept of Yin/Yang and such is not applicable to people, sex, genders, etc. Gender is not a binary system.
I am also fairly disturbed by your mixture of truth and facts with myths and opinions. It's telling that you choose to portray the female side as wishy-washy creativity and the male/left-brain side as firm, quantitative thinking. Clearly, there is more than a little bit of sexism/cultural bias here, and I'm not just saying that as a woman. I'm saying that as someone well-versed in gender studies, which, when placed alongside this movie, would make your entire thesis here seem pretty skewed to the point of irrelevance.
I can respect you having your own personal belief system, but touting it as fact alongside real, factual truth is misleading and crosses the line between what I can respect and quietly observe and what I feel I must publicly disagree with, lest unknowing people be confused into believing that all you say is evidence-based, historically accurate truth.
I (grudgingly) give you the three stars for all of the work you have done, and for the creativity you show in your animation.

RiverJordan responds:

It's funny you would say that i portrayed the female as wishy-washy and the male as all great. If anything, i tried to say the male energy was out of balance, while the female was good and intact.

And hey, look at the left brain and right brain, that IS the male and female sides of the brain, i didn't make this shit up. It's encoded in our DNA.


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Like it.

The U.S. has released a study showing that over 61% percent of children between the ages of 12-18 are what you have described as Indigo Children. The biggest problem children have is the single mindedness of the elders in there environment. I do agree with a lot here and have personally witnessed the "Blind Sight" ability but "Phasing"(moving objects through walls) I've yet to witness and still can't fully accept.


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Wohhh there XD

I love these. They are really interesting and get me thinking. I have always loved science but even more than that broadening my horizons and philosophizing. I really want to sit down and listen to you talk for a while.
XD I actually think I might be an indigo child... no joke. I have been diagnosed with ADHD (which i know is the case), and have an above average processing speed which makes me learn really fast and have surprisingly good reflexes. Additionally i am a right brain, and struggle with anxiety and depression from overstimulation. But the weirdest thing is my IQ is exactly 140... and that my mom does think I'm self-centered and has trouble parenting me. I get along with adults really well because I have a really good awareness for my age. That's strange... hmmmmmm. Haha this one's about episode 3. I tried channeling my dog and it worked pretty well! Weird. .. Now i think I'm going to draw that circle. I have started to draw it before but I never used a compass..


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You are indigo,...

...I am indigo, he/she/it is indigo... We all are indigo, aren't we?!
C'mon people, think about it!

For humankind's sake, THINK, please!


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If you identified yourself as indigo... stay tuned

When you are ready, you will no longer rely on your vices for entertainment... YOU will no longer ALLOW yourself to let the negativity of others. and your ignorance ROCK your world...
Our mind holds the key... the chemistry is within ourselves... we are the masters of our own destinies...
But hold on... we are approaching the biggest loop of this roller coaster called life...
Clear your mind, arm yourself with knowledge/wisdom... these videos are key to opening your eyes...
stay tuned, plug in, TURN ON!!!