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Travelers with short legs

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It tells the story of a traveler who, moving away from a troubled relationship, decides to go on a journey in search of new stories and change. But he could never imagine what would happen: finding a new friend, a smell pet with which to continue his journey and his life.

Halfway through their journey, they cross paths with Deceit shaped into a monster, who tries to wrap over the traveler again.

As it happens with every adventure, it ends with a happy ending...

For more http://leocampasso.blogspot.com/

On Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/23312588

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Great work. Your style is gorgeous, it's nice to see something with a bit more of a stylized visual for a change. I was a member of NG yeeears back and upon returning, i'm sad to see that there aren't many "artsy" films on Newgrounds anymore. Thanks for proving they're still out there!

Excellent Work!

It's sad to say that you didn't get a daily award for this but you sure deserved one.

When Newgrounds starts allowing people to upload videos without having to cram them into an swf your work will really shine!

:I love your style:

your animations are fantastic.

Great Job.

This is what I like to see on Newgrounds. You have a great style. Keep it up. All my 5 belong to this.

great work

Nice story, sometimes even funny and nice artwork.
I really like it, well done!