Attack of Heavenly Bats

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Weapon Ninja 5 Points

Get all weapons

Godslayer 10 Points

Beat the game!

Heartkeeper 50 Points

Beat the game without losing a single heart!

God Exterminator 100 Points

Beat the game in 'no future mode'

Author Comments

Peddler Man is a video game superhero, that has an unique ability. He can use all his weapons at once! That's right! No switching, backpack limit, tough choices. You can shoot all the weapons you have with just one button! This time, even God himself has a request to make of Peddler Man! Help him on his way!



not a ba game but there was some parts that almost made me boared oh and im happy it past judgement good job :)

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Not bad

Dont know somewhere there needs more. And the music sorta fits the theme but I think there's better out there.

other then that i froze in place when I got to the surface. I can blow out the blocks to the left but to the right I jumped into one I think and I can blow it up.

The music

Was my favorite part.

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The most perfect multitasker I ever knew!

I like the fast pace of this game, but here are some things you really REALLY need to consider next time you make another game.

First, I don't want to spend half my time chasing coins that are for some miraculous reason, running away from me. The coins could have at least slowed down so we spend more time exploring, and less time chasing money. It's also irritating when money literally jumps over your head and fall out of your screen. They can apparently go up slopes too, what gives? Players like me tend to chase down as many coins as we could, and it doesn't help that we need the money to buy weapons. I don't really know if I end up having to collect every coin

The idea of being able to use EVERY weapon at once also sounds pretty cheap. Yeah, it's fun for a while, but eventually, you're gonna be sacrificing visibility for the fun idea of spamming the entire screen silly. I can see where my bullets are, but when I hold down X, that's all I can see. Bullets and bullets and bullets and bullets. The only reason I know that I'm getting hurt is because I have ears.

Don't overlook how making choices is or isn't fun, because I found myself making other hard decisions, mainly whether or not I should chase some coins to save up for some powerful weapons I might not be able to afford. Choices are also what makes movies so different from games.

Eventually, all that every new weapon becomes, is a powerup, rather than a new weapon.

As a general rule, there's nothing more boring than a character that's too perfect. Peddler man seems... too perfect. Not only can he *somehow* use like 8 or so weapons at the same time with only two arms, but God, looked at by Christians as the all-powerful supreme being, actually speaks to Peddler man and asks for help? We all know he will win the game because he's unbeatable. No challenge there. Just run and spam. We all know that God is not as great as Peddler Man if he gets PWNED like that. Where's the challenge of the game if Peddler man says that he's unbeatable, and me myself, as a player, establishes what we already know by just spamming the entire screen and killing God/Batman? I hope you're not going to make any sequels because I know what's gonna happen: Peddler man meets some baddies and baddies get pwned because they're not unbeatable like Peddler man. Any sequels you might plan wouldn't be really worth my time since I know that Peddler man would win, unless he's up against some guy who can also spam the entire screen.

The backstory behind this could have been waay better, but hey, at least there is a back story!

At least this guy has a sense of humor. lol @ the attic remark

But don't get me wrong, this game is miraculously entertaining anyways. It's mainly the pace of the game, and the feeling we get when we make progress.

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I love it but... it is a bit CRAZY!!! I mean once you get all of the weapons a destructive wave of explosions and bullets and rockets whatever else just comes out of no where and destroys the entire world... which is a good thing because it gives the player a feeling like they are invincible and really totaly EPIC!!! but another thing is that the ground can sometimes block off the path for the player but only if its a tight space so may want to take a look at that. Also I think you have a realy good sence of humor which makes a game all the much warmer :) also I really love the concept of game you know the whole using every
weapon at once which in a way kinda seems a bit lazy but also love it at the same time.

Over all it's brilliant and I proberbly couldn't do any better and so for that I give you a 9.5/10 and also your awesome... and please keep them coming ^_^

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Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
5:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun