Attack of Heavenly Bats

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Weapon Ninja 5 Points

Get all weapons

Godslayer 10 Points

Beat the game!

Heartkeeper 50 Points

Beat the game without losing a single heart!

God Exterminator 100 Points

Beat the game in 'no future mode'

Author Comments

Peddler Man is a video game superhero, that has an unique ability. He can use all his weapons at once! That's right! No switching, backpack limit, tough choices. You can shoot all the weapons you have with just one button! This time, even God himself has a request to make of Peddler Man! Help him on his way!


I completed the game and then I wondered. Why does a rock cost 100$?

Fast paced

I don't mind playing games that are difficult. The harder a game is, the more profound the feeling of accomplishment when you succeed. With this game, I had a decent time and didn't mind any of the littel struggles that the game does bring but that was also all the part of the game and what makes it entertaining. Alright this was like a mario/sonic game very fast paced and the coins are fun theres lots to do the game controls were kinda fast, This game was highly "ADDICTIVE" and also reminded me of "ZELDA" with all the hearts and all, a very good game some good music to fit well with so i was really impressed and really got into this game so very nice game here it will go as one of my faves, So its been awhile since a medal game has kept my interest as this one has, so great job, you should have added much more medals though seems like you should have had alot more for this type of game. so i have been playing the game for a good hour its that addictive and fun this is the type of game that needs some sort of "GUIDE" you should change the "CONTROLS" around so that its better access like i noticed you had "JUMP" as the "Z" keye wich could easily be done with the up arrow key. and with the end boss that was the hard part so overall a good game. I loved the graphics in this one. I feel it was some of your best. that i have seen sofar, but for the mostpart it was pretty good, nice and clean graphics that really came off well.

So it has come to this area i like to suggest some new ideas and even sometimes some older ones but its all for the good cause of the project, Some of these ideas can really be Utilised and may not be your Preference,but do have alot of Potential, Adding much more medals for tis game would be a great improvment, You should think about adding a guide or some hints for this game. The up arrow key would be a better choice for jump

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the second i read bats in the title i new the last boss was bat man.

been playing this for 2 years now, so good the game

I love all of the collectablity

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4.07 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
5:34 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun