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POP! an adventure

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Author Comments

so I never have to answer these questions again...
it took about 2 months to make, although I didn't animate like every day because I have school and that is important
I used the program helium frog to take the pictures of this, which is in fact, free.
Tilman made the music, look him up
I do not know German, my friend Tilman translated for me
I used 1800 sheets of paper

well here it is, please enjoy.

Music by Tilman. Short monologue about Tilman. He is a fantastic musician and a hard worker (busting his ass to be a lawyer, wow). He's very nice and very funny. He's also a fantastic artist. He made all of my music in one day, staying up until 4 AM just to finish before my deadline. Please go check out his profile. The guy also made an interactive sound board to teach me German. What a guy.

sorry for the excessively large file, you won't be seeing another one of these for a while.

thanks to Zyphonee for dealing with my crap and importing the file to flash.

and thanks to mindchamber who contacted wade who upped my uploading limit.

also I can't crop out the sides, so don't ask me to, thaaaaanks.

this is my first daily feature, yaay.

also if you wanna watch something surprisingly similar watch jumping turtles, I made it about a year ago, so its probably not as good compared.



This was seriously amazing! I loved everything of it!
I can't even think about the huge amount of time you spent in this.
Great work!

Was that the turtle from "Jumping Turtles"?

turtleco responds:

nope, just a turtle.

I'd like to call you mayonnaise...

...because you are as smooth as silk :)
Well, at least your animation was. The story was a little lackluster, but I'm with the school of thought that an experimental film does not need one.
What was absolutely terrific about your flash was the animation. It was soooooo smooth it made my eye balls weep tears of joy that grew up, got married, and had little tear babies that were told of the impressive graphite feats you accomplished. One moment that really shined to me was when the turtle hopped off into the distance. It takes real skill to make something look as if it is vanishing into the horizon when there is no scenery for scale to help trick the eye, so bonus points to you, good sir. Another one of my favorite aspects was whenever the main character would turn, it really felt like he was a round object with some depth. characters with depth- you might wanna go teach Hollywood a thing or too ;) Finally, the mickey mousing you did (and for all you readers who don't know, GOOGLE IT) was wonderful. Not quite on par with Mousecliks, "Shoo Fly," but good enough that it really added something to the whole affair. But what would good syncing be without good music, right? So by extension (and now directly) I would like to praise Tilman for the music. It was wonderful :)

Thank you so much for this neat little flash. You really should go try and work for Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Disney, Pixar, or Ghibli: I think they would be impressed!

4/5 8/10. Good job Turtleco.

P.S. The German was a nice Shamylanian twist!!

'Till Next Time---------------------Shadow_Fox_N inja!

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turtleco responds:

teehee, mayonnaise.

also thanks, you made me google a term.

unfortunately though I doubt this could score me a job in those famous animation studios (they prefer artists rather than animators :'C wah wah....)

glad you Tilman's work.

PS Bruce Willis was already dead omgbbqlololorofllmaoajiongijaniognaib nhipabdiphjaidphbnpiabhipdsbpijhabnip dfhbpiahn

I Loved it!!!

Your animation was amazing! I loved the way you drew this, man! Great Job and a nice lil' short story

turtleco responds:

tanks a lot buddy


The animation is just amazing! It's so fluid and smooth, yet drawn on paper! That takes incredible skill and patience.

turtleco responds:

in some ways yes, in other ways no.

its easier to draw on paper, and you get instant results.

On the other hand you can't use tricks like with computers., which make the film better, without ruining its quality. You also can't really see the animation as you're drawing, it was ALL guess work.

good animation...

but i think you could a told a better story, it didnt seem to have a whole lot to it and dude... your really good at animating and all but you said you were the best a few comments down, sorry your not the best but your good still

turtleco responds:

that was just a joke between me and my musician friend.

please look up a Wikipedia article on humor and sarcasm. I HIGHLY recommend it.


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Credits & Info

4.20 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
3:04 PM EDT