POP! an adventure

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so I never have to answer these questions again...
it took about 2 months to make, although I didn't animate like every day because I have school and that is important
I used the program helium frog to take the pictures of this, which is in fact, free.
Tilman made the music, look him up
I do not know German, my friend Tilman translated for me
I used 1800 sheets of paper

well here it is, please enjoy.

Music by Tilman. Short monologue about Tilman. He is a fantastic musician and a hard worker (busting his ass to be a lawyer, wow). He's very nice and very funny. He's also a fantastic artist. He made all of my music in one day, staying up until 4 AM just to finish before my deadline. Please go check out his profile. The guy also made an interactive sound board to teach me German. What a guy.

sorry for the excessively large file, you won't be seeing another one of these for a while.

thanks to Zyphonee for dealing with my crap and importing the file to flash.

and thanks to mindchamber who contacted wade who upped my uploading limit.

also I can't crop out the sides, so don't ask me to, thaaaaanks.

this is my first daily feature, yaay.

also if you wanna watch something surprisingly similar watch jumping turtles, I made it about a year ago, so its probably not as good compared.


Very nice

But I'm curious...
Warum hat er Beginn deutsch sprechen?

turtleco responds:

I don't know, I think the German language sounds funny.

A rare find.

I can't recall the last time something like this was submitted to newgrounds!!!
Hand drawn animation is a tedious and long process it you want to do it with high quality. This was not only done with an animation style that has become outdated, but the sound quality and overall plot made me want to watch it again and again!
I hope everyone get's a chance to see this, not just the average Newgrounds goer.

turtleco responds:

I'm glad I entertained you :)

JEE-ZUS!!! This is great

How did you this and did you say you used 1800 sheets of paper... thats a whole forest you just used :) Huh this is fantastic and at one point I felt sad for that little guy who just wanted a pet tutle.

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turtleco responds:

at least I was able to make people feel bad.


yaaaaaaaaaaay YAAAAY Yaay YAAAAY yaaay yay!

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turtleco responds:


woowwww niicce

Very nice animation good job loved the old school flip book P:

turtleco responds:

thanks, glad you likey

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4.20 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
3:04 PM EDT