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A Portal turret is not happy with the working conditions of Aperture Science

Fifth episode in the Minions series, this time based on Portal.
Created by Eddie Bowley and Mark Ashe.
PS - Don't miss the Easter Egg!


Needs work.

I didn't like the sudden switch from the high musical voices to the terrible British accents. They don't have British voices in the game, it doesn't make sense to give them different voices here.

I could barely understand a word of what was being said over the "tube" voice effect. Again made worse by the unfamiliar, deeper voices. Yes I get they're robots and you're going for that voice effect, but you over did it.

What I DID hear was a redundant overuse of the f-word for the first 2 minutes. Really? Are you 13 years old? No I'm not offended yadda-yadda, but when the dialog is riddled with swearing and it's not even in context it really dumbs down the movie and takes away from the rest of the script that I already can't hear because of reasons mentioned above.

I was expecting this flash to be something awesome (because Portal is an awesome series) but ended up being severely disappointed by the lack of polish. 3/10 and 2/5. Sorry.


Love the concept

Finally someones gives the....well in this case semi evil minions of games a proper show (dont know weather your gonna go on with this ) but id like to see more :D
Though as a comment below me said the legs were abit long, also the voices (due to the synthezied nature of the turrets ) were abit hard to hear always .
Good toon anyways though

Id love to see one bout RTS minions :D

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The companion cube is the easter egg at the end, but you'd have to be stupid not to notice that.


Haha, this is awesome.
The jokes are well thought out and the voice acting was perfect.

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Reminds me...

Reminds me of Monty Python ^^ more of these pls! :D

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4.16 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
2:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody