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A Portal turret is not happy with the working conditions of Aperture Science

Fifth episode in the Minions series, this time based on Portal.
Created by Eddie Bowley and Mark Ashe.
PS - Don't miss the Easter Egg!


Haha that was brilliant

One of the few things lately that have given me a good chuckle. I don't know what these people writing reviews are on about, i guess they just don't know good humour. Anyways good job everything was brill and keeps up the good work.

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not that guld at all

it was too short made no sense wasnt dat funny but not 2 b a jerk nice animation and voices and plot

Pretty good.

I agree that this would have been a lot easier to enjoy with clearer voices, or at least some subtitles though.

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Quite enjoyable

The animation and sound were good, but it would be very beneficial to either make the voicing slightly more clear (in portal the generally are) or to include subtitles perhaps. As for the plot line while I found it alright it was the easter egg that made it for me, very cute way to end it. I get a kick out of all the minion series and this is no exception keep up the good work!

OK, but just using Portal to grab extra views.

OK, I don't deny this is a pretty OK video. The turrets are animated OK, the premise is OK, and the jokes are pretty good. But the thing about the video is pretty much this: There's no reason for them to be Portal turrets. You could replace them with office workers, security guards, or hell, even zombies and it would still be the exact same. There's basically no references to the setting of Portal itself (and the "working conditions" are kind of different than those in Portal, but that's kind of irrelevant) so it seems like making them turrets was just an idea to make more people watch it.

Eddache responds:

It would have been incredibly dull to make them basic office workers. The humourous situation would lose it's "humourous" part. Part of the humour comes out of the juxtaposition of what's expected and what's happening. There are Portal references and jokes that wouldn't work if they were not robotic turrets. Part of the intent of the Minions series is that they are purposely not too embedded into the games that they're from so those who have never played the game can still watch and appreciate it.

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4.16 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
2:58 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody