Open Letter to Game Devs

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This is a cartoon that I thought of a while ago and just got around to finishing. I hope ya'll like it, it's a cute diversion to other shit. SEQUELITIS 2 ON THE WAY WOOOOOOOOOO GIRLCHAN 4 fAOFJGTOSJDGKN

Thanks to Suzy Berhow for coloring most of the frames!


Haha go Arin

We love you, and other things


Egoraptor Proposes to Game Devs

I like how this short parodies web critics and personalities who think because of their popularity, they have the authority to propose ideas to their favored game companies. Not only that, but there's a few good jabs at the companies to whom you are proposing. The ideas you propose in this short are just so bad they're good "Glowy Light Wars," knowing me, I know I'd be a fan of that! Regarding the "Final Installment" for Square Enix, for those not in the know, "Final Fantasy" for the NES was allegedly going to be Square's last game as the company was on the verge of closing out. Since the game did so well, they made a sequel that was a spiritual sequel, and another sequel in name only after that one! Then it became Square flagship series! Square really should make a "Final Installment" because that really rake in millions! As usual, the animation was the typical Egorapter high quality I came to expect.

Not a fan

I'm not a fan of your Flashes but I found this one to be exceptionally funny. Especially at the part where you said "I'll ask my parents' permission to use the computer", it just sums up most 12 year olds who try sending game ideas.

I'm a pretty decent programmer and none of my games are even modestly popular but even I get these kind of messages with these kind of stupid ideas!

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sad ego is so... SAD! *huggles*

II loved it :D

It inspires me to animate something short.. :D

and i very much like the lip sync and style you have

funny i watched the livestream this morning... whne you werent live :D

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May 7, 2011
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