Open Letter to Game Devs

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This is a cartoon that I thought of a while ago and just got around to finishing. I hope ya'll like it, it's a cute diversion to other shit. SEQUELITIS 2 ON THE WAY WOOOOOOOOOO GIRLCHAN 4 fAOFJGTOSJDGKN

Thanks to Suzy Berhow for coloring most of the frames!



I liked the animation for the most part. I gave me a couple of chuckles. I was just hoping you could clarify something for me though. At the very end of the flash, were you trying for something similar to Lanipator's scream of rage, or just doing it at the end to be random?


Really funny. I love the Final Installment game for Square Enix...following by Final Installment 2 ;D

I kinda wish you would work for a major studio.

(Just off topic)
Whether it be animation or game design...

It would be fun to watch anime movies or TV series done in your particular art style and directed with your humor. For example, I kinda see the Girl-Chan series actually becoming an anime with 'not so much deriving the 4th wall humor' as that having other professionals working on the animation would 'improve the quality' and would only accentuate the humor to a broader audience. Gainex studios would probably best suit you. The very least you should become an NG staff member.

Penn Ward for example really expresses his art style and is given lots of creative freedom.
When are you gonna make a TV series or Video game?

However you are going on this freelancer path and it does have it's perks. But sometimes has a lack of funds and resources. Still, you are doing very well.

---But I'm getting off track---

The flash movie was only kinda funny. I only understand that those companies have a tendency to 'make those kind of games' because they are essentially reusing their same programing formats but with a different color scheme. As well as personal gripes with over priced merchandise. *I'd rather learn how to play a real guitar anyway.

But I don't think this Flash was executed the best way. Your voice this time...Its has the subtle humor that is similar to how Seth Macfarlane's tone would normally express. But it is not quite as engaging in this Flash as compared to others you've made before even with lower quality animation. Not so much energy you know? I'm not expecting anything-just giving my opinion is all.

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Those are some really good ideas!

You should really write a letter! They would respond!

No but seriously Love this funny shit as usual egoraptor making fun of the marketing gimmicks of video game companies left and right. Good work bra!


good animation and funny stuff just like you always do i hope we see more of your animations soon, oh and by the way there is something funny in your voice dude, or in the way you talk, i dont know but it make me laugh.

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May 7, 2011
5:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody