Open Letter to Game Devs

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This is a cartoon that I thought of a while ago and just got around to finishing. I hope ya'll like it, it's a cute diversion to other shit. SEQUELITIS 2 ON THE WAY WOOOOOOOOOO GIRLCHAN 4 fAOFJGTOSJDGKN

Thanks to Suzy Berhow for coloring most of the frames!


There is ONE thing that makes this funny.

It shows just how shitbrained the majority of the Newgrounds members are. You say you can use your pseudo-popularity to get away with this, and you have. With nothing impressive, amusing, or comic about this flash, you have easily gotten onto the front page with a 4.16 just using your name.

The only good things about this flash is it runs smoothly for the most part and it is able to stick to a single topic. But, for fuck's sake, at least suggest good ideas! If this was meant to be satiric in nature, you could have gone more in depth to help us understand what your parodying, and what about it is supposedly supposed to be humorous.

As it is, I am sorely disappointed in NG for taking whatever steaming pile you leave presented to us on the floor and plastering it everywhere as some kind of good.

Not the usual

Honestly I liked this! I found it pretty darn funny, and *enjoyed* the fact it wasn't as over-the-top as usual. While it's an unexpected change, it was a nice in-between for whatever is coming next (GIRLCHAN :DD)
Unfortunately, for many, this isn't going to be something worth watching, because it isn't your usual hyper video, and it isn't all that exciting. Just pretty chuckle-worthy, and still well crafted :]
4/5, because it was simple, but a tad boring

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are you even trying to make us laugh anymore?

.....sigh, this was a huge disappointment for me, honestly it was, this isn't funny at all, let me sum up what i saw here, i just saw you, suggesting crappy games, and thats pretty much it

one thing that is good about this submission is quality, which you never fail to deliver, however it seems that your flawless animation comes at a price, and the price is humor

5/5 for animation
0/5 for humor

i found nothing funny about it, and probably people will find this review useless because I'm being honest and not afraid to tell the truth, most people are blinded by the artists popularity to actually give proper constructive criticism, w/out criticism the author wont find out where to improve himself, so be honest in a good way

p.s. egoraptor you used to be my idol with your awesomeness, but now i kinda have a new idol, the manwhore fernando :( sorry dude

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I love how you're making fun of game titles and yourself in this cartoon! It takes a good amount of humility to do that, so i have to give you props man.

Good but...

It's good but its not usually like the stuff you do. I mean... Its funny but you would normally animate things to be fast and crazy adding weird funny dialogs... this is not you... HOWEVER! It still made made me laugh and the animation was good, so:

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4.27 / 5.00

May 7, 2011
5:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody