Chalkboard Pong

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What is chalkboard pong?
It's a game where you have to juggle (sorry if title was misleading) as many balls as you can, set in a chalkboard-themed environment!

Use the mouse to move the paddle, and click and hold the left mouse button to move the paddle up, and release it to move it down.
What is depth sorting?
The number on the ball in "Medium" and "Hard" mode is the depth of that ball. Press Up and Down to adjust the depth of the paddle. You can make the ball bounce in those 2 modes only and ONLY if the depth of the paddle matches that of the ball!

~ Gimmick

EDIT: Due to a bug in the game, medals have been disabled until further notice. The messages may still appear, though.

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Fun and fast

In todays world of flash you tend to see alot of the same of maybe this or maybe that, but what you have is is something thats different from the rest, your style, your effort, and your quality, so in that sense you have made it different for sure and even unique from the rest of what we tend to see. This was your classic pong but you added some style to it, i was upto 3/4 pong balls and it was already getting tough, i do apprecieate all the medals but there might be an issue or bug with them as they give all the medals at once, but anyways a fun and interesting game, pong at its best. I like this for a number of points, its good seeing flexible elements to this, you have also added some style, and quality to it, Wich is why i have enjoyed it as much as i have, keep up the quality efforts.

So for the past ten plus years I have played some amazing games, not all perfect but nothing really is on here so with this improvment section I will suggest some possble improvments, I do hope you use them or some atleast they can be positive changes. You should make the medals a little harder, just a tad atleast.

Perfect score for giving me alot of medals in just one shot ah ha ha !!

haha it gave me all the medals for nothing !!!!

You have a glitch, or maybe just in my case, but when i finished the first day the game give me all the medals.

Very creative idea

The idea of having a chalkboard as a level was brilliant. It was outstanding how you got a font to look like real writing on a chalkboard. There were a couple of flaws though. The layout was a bit too simple, try to add more colors. Also the music was a little annoying, but it still was good and fit well into the game. It was a good game, overall.

Gimmick responds:

Thanks for the review!

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3.76 / 5.00

May 7, 2011
8:32 AM EDT
Gadgets - Other