EVolution ep2

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This one took way too long.

Really getting into extended universe stuff here. So Trox, Xleek's boss, is angry because Xleek let two "ancient" humans on the Time Machine. (They're from the future, watch the first episode to get the whole story.) He hesitantly lets them stay, but Meredith comes in with two more primitive humans. THEY SHALL NOT STAY.


Great stuff

This is good stuff. Make more

And that's how I got firewood!

I'm curious about something though, is Trox the same guy from the piolt because I thought he had a cybernetic eye? I like this series it looks cool and its silly. One thing though since gray humans don't have hair, different colored eyes, or even diffent facial structures it seems a bit hard to tell them apart (I knew when Xleek was talking and when it was his boss I just noticed in the earlier episodes the gray humans looked a lot alike) Like I said last time I look forward to seeing more of this series.

EVanimations responds:

though the Greys are indistinguishable from each other to us (can you recognize an individual crow by its face?) Anyway, they have a really complicated society, you'd have to see my facebook page and some of the other posts to catch up on that. Basically character identification comes from varying cybernetics, robes, and hood size.

Nicely done!

Hmm. It appears as though Xleek's boss might not be totally legitimate...and also it's interesting to see racism has still survived into the future. And evidently, our little "Modern-Day" human friend needs to go back to kindergarten and learn that if you don't know what something is, ya don't put it in your mouth!

As a Christian I was almost slightly annoyed by the series and the way it treats Religion, (what, is Xleek's god "Science"? What next, is he gonna say "Oh my Science" or "Science Damn You"? XD) but then I see that Meredeth evidently killed a dinosaur with a giant rock and ate it's flesh. That's as cool an idea as Jesus fighting with the Olympian Gods. What next? A visit from Doctor Who who's Tardis accidentally hits their ship? XD

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This is so good even my cat likes it :)

When this started my cat started watching and purring, so cute lol
I also thought it was totally awesome :D

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has potential

I really like your animation style. The movement is pretty fluent and their movement looks natural. Even though this is just the second episode it looks like the series has a lot of potential for developing. All in all it was kickass.

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