The VietNAM Rap Project

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Hey Newgrounds, been a LONG TIME. Who remembers me? Anybody? No? Oh, alright.

Back in the beginning of August, our government teacher, Coach Shives, forced us to make a stupid project. The best part? It had to be a song. Now, as much fun as THAT is, we decided as a group (well, I decided) to make an animation about it, forgetting how long animation takes...again.

THIS is that project!
DON'T EXPECT PIXAR-STUFF HERE. Like, honestly, we had 3 days, and even then we reached the deadline without ever actually finishing the lip-sync (which I did afterwords and worked the hardest on in the end). Not too mention, we were PRETTY unenthusiastic about it, granted, we have a reason, this doesn't look like that much fun, does it? Whether that adds to the humor or not is up to you. For me? WHATEVER. So, no, this isn't the next Bonehead or the next Maximillion Bagsworth, but this is, however, a nice little snack, so take a bite already!
And, yes, expect BUTTONS for TIMELINES in all my future animations, and BETTER LIP-SYNC. This should give you an idea of what I'm talkin' about.

Oh, by the way, this took me 6 days, which, in Newgrounds Animator Terms, means 3 days of intense, heart pounding sweat-workshoppin' over my keyboard, 1 day of getting it in on deadline unfinished (still got a hundred, haha), 2 weeks of hating the project, 4 days of turning on the project and looking at it, and 3 days of actually finishing it up.

FUN FACT - For the first time ever, and probably because it was taking longer than I thought, I checked how many times I had to draw lip-syncing mouths 'cuz I thought it give me a chuckle or a giggle or some kinda' chortle. It turned out to be 753 separate mouth drawings. 753, no mouth used twice, frame by frame, 20 frames per second. Dang. That's depressing.

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Well... that was... ok?
I can see that you had to work really hard on this since you only had 3 days. And i like it that you actually finished the animation before you upload it to Newgrounds. That shows dadication.

Also, i would like to ask you something.
i really loved Maximillion Bagsworth and when i saw in the "Author Comments" that you wanted to make a serie out of this, i was thrilled! I guess you have alot going on in your life or something but i would like to take this moment to remember you what you had promised. Well that's it old chump.
Tata... POH

Bonehead93 responds:

It's going to be! I've got the storyboard finished in all but, you are right, I've been pretty dang busy the past...year? Dang, that's a while.

I plan to make a comeback, though, when Bonehead Halloween II comes out this October. When that happens, expect my next project to be Maximillion Bagsworth II, hands down.

Gosh SO many mouths!

Hot damn, that's a lot of mouths to draw!! Haha

I might've drawn that much in my past animations, though I've never taken the time to count.
Having said that, the way you do mouths is pretty interesting and unique! Although eventually frame by frame might bore you out. It did with me, and I do about half reusing mouths and have frame by frame.
Also, your mouth syncing is superb, I think it'd be even better looking if you made chins go down with the talking as well. it's a pain though, as I have to do that with my Kolawskum characters who has a beak..thing. lol XD

The backgrounds were nice and simple, and I liked the colors you used.

Overall pretty awesome! And interesting enough to watch the whole way through so nice job! :D

Bonehead93 responds:

Thanks a bunch, Onions!

I was absolutely DREADING the mouths by the way.
I animated all the motions first, and then I was like, "...crap wait, people have mouths. Kill me."


Dillon: Got eleven kills then called in the dogs to wipe out the Viet Congs.

Casey: Then they retreated and that was cool, we went back to camp to look for the pool.

Chase: ...but...

Dillon: There wasn't a pool.

Casey: Oh yeah, camp sucked.
P.S. If I have mistaked something, Its not really a big deal.
P.S.S. 10/10 5/5


Pretty good by regular flash standards but pretty amazing for a 3 day school project. Like all of your animations it was pretty smooth and had amazing lip-syncing.


That Didn't Suck!

... Yes, yes it did.

Although personally, not really, fairly good for three days. I like the rhyming... and use of a literary term. Good animation and original music, so I had a swell time watching!

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May 6, 2011
7:17 PM EDT
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