Bridge Tactics 2

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What can be more fun than blowing up bridges for profit?

Place charges and detonate them in order to destroy the bridges and kill as many enemies as you can.


I'm sorry to say, but I cannot at all say that this is a good physics or puzzle game.

It started out great. Planting your explosives and waiting for the right moment, that's what a puzzle game needs. But the fact you have to shoot them all before the enemy runs is annoying because you can't always shoot them right!
And also, the game has no physics, which a game like this absolutely demands!!! I know bridge physics because I learned them in engineering, and one diagonal support wont be able to hold up an entire bridge when the rest of the supports are intact!
Not to mention the objective is far from clear. DO YOU WANT ME TO BLOW THE BRIDGE OR THE SOLDIERS?! Because I couldn't get past the fourth level because
1: the soldiers aren't worth enough
2: there isn't enough dynamite
3: the physics are broken
4: the fact that the trial and error is so tedious and unbelievably frustrating, it drives me to growing tired and angry from the game! And puzzle games are meant to be challenging in a fun sense. But this one is so slow, so broken and so frustrating that it only makes it annoying.

And this isn't because I'm bad at puzzle games. I love puzzle games and I'm pretty good at them too. But this is so poorly done and broken that it just makes me frustrated. So sorry, but this gets a 0 out of 5.

There's something I don't get...

I've seen a lot of requests for physics and it was going to be one of my requests too. But, all of a sudden, after playing it two times and getting annoyed with bridges standing still even after destruction, I start playing for the third time and there's physics! I don't know if there was an update or the game has some bugs that need fixing but it was pretty strange considering that there was only a few minutes of pause between reloading the game. Anyways, physics considered, it's a fun game, and although some might say it's too hard I found it to be pretty easy. It certainly needs to be longer and have physics from the start ;) All in all, a fun game.

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Physics, man.

Yeah, based on what I had played, proper Physics are absolutely needed to make this enjoyable. I found myself attempting to play strategically at points by placing explosives in key locations only to have the entire structure still unnaturally set in place. The only other option to make this more fun would be by setting internally consistent rules for the setting which translate to gameplay. Problem being, that's usually the harder trick to pull off- extra hours programming accounted for and all.

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needs physics

This game needs realistic physics to be enjoyable. Not cool when I blow up key points of the bridge but it's still standing there like glued to the background because there is one point where it is still attached to the ground. The bridge should collapse when key points that hold it are blown up. It's an ok game as it is, but physics would make it a great game.

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i love these games however it seems like you should put them togeather in like 50 level games instead of 10 at a time =/ other than that great game concept and i cant wait for the next one

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3.49 / 5.00

May 6, 2011
3:19 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other