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Genius Quiz

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Can you tell some of the world's biggest geniuses apart from the dumbest serial killers just by looking at them?

How to play:

Just click to choose whether or not the person is a serial killer or a genius and then see how well you did! Make your friend play it, it's funny.

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Good enough premise, polished presentation. But where are you getting your information? Maybe I misread something, but it seems as if you're saying all serial killers have IQs of under 90, when many have had an IQ superior to the common man, and it's just their empathy is lacking.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not offended. It just seems you're drawing a wrong conclusion.

Short and Fun

It's a fairly amusing little quiz. I got 9/10. The quiz seemed rather easy except for the curve ball with the female "genius" (apparently she cheated on the mensa).


ok so this was interesting kinda fun the {FLASHING} was probably not too good on the eyes but still ok i suppose, lol guess i didnt do so well about 49% lol, kinda bad i know, but as for the game itself it was pretty amusing, nice idea with the guessing and the {MUSIC} was nice and seemed to fit well with it, the {SOUND/FX} was ok too, i think you should have made it longer and even made the faces larger somehow, but other then that it was a pretty good game and i had fun with it, You should think about even adding some {MEDALS} with that you can make it longer maybe even throw in a few mini games on the side just to give it abit more depth to the game, other then all that its a pretty fun game.

Making it longer with more faces, and even larger faces, and bringing in some medal options would be nice aswell.

Fun game great to guess aswell.


poxpower responds:

You're still around? Damn!


I don't know if it was just me or not, but the overlapping buttons on the end screen messed me up multiple times forwarding me to various sites by accident, not a big deal but it throws you off. There's also pretty much 3 large groups of answers, like 3 of one, then 5, then 4. You should try randomizing the people, or at least mixing up the questions better.

Pretty interesting concept though, I found myself stereotyping and for the most part it worked- glasses or just plain weird looking was my criteria.


I thought it was good I scored a 86 I guess that means I know who will kill me and who will not, you should make another one but longer.

Credits & Info

3.27 / 5.00

May 5, 2011
6:12 PM EDT