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Last Line of Defence

rated 4.15 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Fixed

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May 5, 2011 | 6:03 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 6, 2011

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Author Comments

Cities collapse into chaos as the Ravager virus mutates all infected into bloodthirsty Ravagers. You and a handful of others form the Last Line of Defense, pooling your remaining stockpile of weapons, special ammo, bunker defenses, and superweapons to fend off the onslaught. Survive 25 waves of Ravager hordes and keep your bunker from falling. If your bunker falls, the Line falls. If the Line falls, humanity falls. (Rated 13+: Blood, Violence)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


i do agree with most of the guys under me BUT in a 3d first persone shooter game on a computer never gos well....this game did tho! I loved it it was fun and I loved how guns and zombies - good job

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

it would have been nice

its very fun but i have two problems with it 1 saving it would be nice if it auto saved after each match and then have a different mode where the zombies are faster and stronger but you start off with the weapons and items you already bought and make it like an endurance round instead of the whole game endurance 2 i would be nice if you could either play it with other people online and/or with some computers to help kill some of them i do like the stand alone but working with others would be fun also

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun and complex, but heavily flawed!

I can't give it higher than a 6.

- They sometimes walk too far off to the side, making you unable to fire on them without your mouse moving outside the game.

- The earthquake ravagers are tougher than the giant ones, and the giant ones sometimes "cover" the others. Simply can't do enough to stop them.

- Shop doesn't tell you which key activates what. Once you're out of the shop, you have to spend time looking down and seeing which key to press to activate something. That's REALLY gay. (I lost because I couldn't tell which key to press for fucking repairs in time)

- Waves get too hard, too fast. One wave I'm fighting meat-throwers and ~30 other ravagers, the next wave I'm shooting at nearly 200. Have to resort to artillery, but it does nearly jack against the tougher ones.

- No idea how much better one weapon is compared to another, other than price.

- Grenade launcher did nothing but show 0-20 damage to everything, even after using the explosive rounds mod. (Another reason why I lost, buying a fucking useless weapon)

- Using several mods at once causes them to bug out.

- Can't reload manually, but that's a minor issue (just blow some bullets into the ground near the end of the wave and reload that way).

Man, this would be a favorite to me, but these bugs and lack of weapon details just piss me off. I know there's no way I can beat it at its current state, and it feels like another "I'm the game creator and I beat it, so you can too!" absurd difficulty.


Those fat, black shadow things spawn cheap zombies constantly. On some waves there's like a dozen out there, and each one spawns a ravager every 5 seconds or so, sticking a tentacle in the ground and up pops a zombie next to it. I kill everything but a clump of shadow dudes, about 4-5, and just pick off their spawns until they get too close. $100 per spawn, it can earn you almost an extra $5000 per round they come in.

Sell the mod and artillery bonus at the beginning, and just use your primary gun until you can afford the M4. From the M4, which should last you a looong time, get the $85000 gun (not the grenade launcher, fuck that piece of useless shit, unless the author can explain why it's so weak) and buy/use the double damage ammo mod often. I only ever used the artillery strike special when I needed to, and when I did it made more than the special itself cost. I haven't tried other methods, but this got me pretty far.

Sucks when you have no money left, spending whatever you earn on repairs, nothing is dying because they all have so much health, and your specials barely put a dent in their numbers... Oh well. Thanks for occupying 45 minutes of my time.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Trust me, i would of made a HUGE review on this game, but i have a question that will make the review short: tell me, why do you have to defend the same bunker alone from hundreds of zombie/monsters when you can just leave instead? rate this useless, but if you think about it, i think you'll get my point of view. But the game is fun and does it's job to keep you entertained for a while.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting. Not bad.

I didnt like the fact that we defended a seemingly critical location alone.

We got acess to massive firepower and ressources.. but we do so alone. I really dont see why we coudnt have one or two "npcs" in the bunker that help us out by shooting every now and then.
Keck, having them shoot left and right while saying a bunch of random things would be funny.
We could give them whatever gun we buyed by arent using, but by doing so we cant use them ourselves.

How about changing money for "supplies point", that way it doesnt look like the army is toying with our life for cash, but more like "hold them off so we can gather stuff to help you out".. And it would make more sense imho.

I dont like the fact that bullets and "superweapons" are one-shot items that cost way too much for no real good reason. Im better off investing in long-term weaponry instead.

They do help, but i would prefer to have them as "passive bonus" that i select, so i can choose what strategy is better depending on the situation in front of me. Changing ammo type could force a reload.
Or they could be on a (long) timer per use, but once gotten always available.
Superweapons could have a VERY long reload time. Why would the army bother allowing us to have acess to nukes, killsats and B2s if our location wasnt important in some way?

Being able to manually reload would be appreciated.

Some weapon stat would be appreciated. What is better between the m60 or the m4? Just a vague description isnt good enough.

How about a cheat mode where i can just grab the best stuff right at the start and blast away at the horde for fun?

Losing force us to restart from nothing. Bad, bad idea. Add a "continue" option or a save feature.

Stopped playing when a giant/tank/fast wave arrived. The following wave with throwers fininshed me in seconds. Not that i cared about it anymore.
Btw, maybe throwers shoudnt be so strong, they can do way more damage than most heavy zombies.. by throwing meat around with a sling. Yeah..

Well made with good qualities, but not a whole lot of fun imho.
I cant save. I cant fool around. Im all alone. I feel "used".

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