ZitS the Saviour - act2

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Hey hungry NG corpse-dismemberers!
It took a bit more than promised but now here it is...
..Act 2 of the third installment of the "Zombies in the Shadow" saga.
A thrilling top-down zombies adventure shooter with very rich gameplay, RPG elements, dynamic lights&shadows and voiceover dialogues.
Should you face any problem while loading/initializing/play ing the game, please try to update your Flash Player to the latest release from Adobe.
Would you like to play the prequel "Act 1", just click the following NG game:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/564830



this is a great game very simple don't see how anyone could not get how to play this the only problem i had is the survivors got in the way and kept getting stuck on the sides of walls doors etc. not soo good but impressive none the less

Xplored responds:

Surely the AI of survivors shall be upgraded in next installments.
Anyway in the meanwhile you can just press "O" when you have triggered/spoken with a survivor and completed his rescue. Pressing "O" you automatically and directly complete the indoor level.

fun, but....

the zombie with projectiles didn't make sense, and the fast ones were a bit anoying. Other than that it was great.

Zombie enthusiasts (like me) will love the room clearing as well as the ability to draw out the horde

Xplored responds:

Our graphic artist / designer would like to share with you the fact zombies shoot not projectiles but ...pieces of guts!
Maybe this is not clear and explained in game...but he strongly believed it and this what he meant :D
...hope you like it more now ;)


Nice game love the creativity.

fucking awesome we want more

i love everything the story part 1 n 2 the zombies the guns and the best thing is that is the only game were the handgun does not suck

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Pretty Good

Im not sure if its your first series or something, but it could be better. Im just saying its good, but not one of the best zombie games I've ever played. I didn't play the game to the fullest (I hope) cuz I quit about 15 minutes into the game. Then, the game felt like an easy kill fest. The only difficulty I had was I didn't know where to go in the first part of the game. Now that I recap I did see the little arrow thing pointing to the building, but other than that, no help. Another thing I didn't like is the really big glowy ammo stock (I think). It was a big red circle with bullets on it, and it basiclly did nothing. The only thing I really am complaining about is the HUD for ammo and such, and the gameplay. The gameplay is basiclly "Go here, shoot this." I would like the directions of "Go here, shoot this", but some storyline element that changed my mission objective, because God knows not everything goes right. Other than that, the graphics were charming, for some reason, and the background was decent. I would ask for the next chapter to be in some other area, because I've seen so many zombie games in an urban area. What about a farm or a hotel? Im just pulling ideas out of my ass. And for anyone out there who says I haven't made a game, so I shouldn't be such a critic, I've played enough games to know what most people like. Overall, this game gets a 3/5, and an 8/10.

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3.92 / 5.00

May 5, 2011
9:13 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun