ZitS the Saviour - act2

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Hey hungry NG corpse-dismemberers!
It took a bit more than promised but now here it is...
..Act 2 of the third installment of the "Zombies in the Shadow" saga.
A thrilling top-down zombies adventure shooter with very rich gameplay, RPG elements, dynamic lights&shadows and voiceover dialogues.
Should you face any problem while loading/initializing/play ing the game, please try to update your Flash Player to the latest release from Adobe.
Would you like to play the prequel "Act 1", just click the following NG game:
http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/564830


shorter than act 1

a good game, nice voice work, great art, great sounds, kinda repeatice music, esp in the helicopter scenes, it didn'tseem to match, but oh well...

the game felt rushed, and shortened esp the end cinematic, i was REALLY hoping to have a vehicle mission with a jeep/hummer, plowing through the infected and then maybe maybe taking control of a mounted machine gun of the back of a jeep/hummer, with the heroes wife driving, maybe after they loose the military driver, looking forward to the next act, thanks for the upload, and all your work, thus far...

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This game is good from start to finish. Wasnt sure at first but the story line keeps you hooked if you pay attention. There is some kind of funny bug with the music but if you shut it off during the game it is gone. Enjoyable game, great job!

eh hate the music

lovly i turned off the music just for it can come right back on again

Its great

good job. kinda took awhile to load, but it is great. Im a fan of good zombie and survival adventure games. i hate games that are good but end way to soon and suck ina and end but this was great. one tip ill give you is try and lengthen and bring it out more. idk but awesome job keep it up

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a good game over all

Honestly i found the controls to be simple, and the game itself rather easy as well. I think too many viewers are being too harsh on this title..

Also @ axel-wolf, dont knock a game just because you had difficulty understanding it. Also, use spell check next time. Might save you some embarrassment
The game needs a few brush ups here and there but ultimately its a good game. Nice work!

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3.92 / 5.00

May 5, 2011
9:13 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun