The 5 Second Collab

May 4, 2011 –
April 1, 2019
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Author Comments

A group of animators got together and made short, 5 sec animations. This is the result. Enjoy it people!

Still waiting on some people to accept portal buddy requests.

Check out the collab thread here:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1229966/

Thank you Tom for the front page!

Thanks to everyone for the helpful feedback. That kind of stuff helps me make better collabs in the future!


Stick animation....nuff said. But I liked how you got so many artists to collab. Good work.

Music could have been better. I dont really know what a five second collab is, but that was definitely not 5 seconds. It looks like it took you guys 5 seconds to make those animations though.

i love the damian one




I was about to make a 5 second collab but you already made :P i'll make a 3 second collab:P Nice movie btw


Good to see that it turnet out so well and that you could make use of my part in the start, i was kinda busy with school and other stuff to continue making parts.

Mediocre randomness

The idea was a very good one, but there weren't many good videos. I found only few of them funny or original. For example the stickman with the ball, the guy with the arrow, the "3d character". Other one's were neither bad or good, or at least could have been better made: for example the guy with the gun. Others were completely random and uninteresting, for example the granny on the car.
But I respect them a lot for adding the volume bar ;) Thanks guys for that. So I give it a 6

Varied intrest

An intriguing concept, animators submitting 5 second animated shorts and put them in random order to music. Not bad, but it was a bit too random in the terms of actual quality between shorts. In other words, too many artists made too many stick figure animations.
An interesting idea, yes, but the delivery could have been a little better.
Excellent song choice, though.


replay weeewowowwwwwowwwww


Random is good, but most of them had a "wtf" on them, only found the sonic one and the road runner slightly amusing, the hotdog one was just wrong. A couple of them wern't even worth watching, the rest...well meh, it was just all too random, no story line to it, was just 5 secs of complete randomness, i'd probabl;y struggle to find this amusing even if I was stoned, being sobar just made it so much worse.

sorry for the crap review. it just didnt do anything for me.

haha complete :D

you forgot my name :(
I made the donut part :|

I enjoyed the randomness

Needless to say I will never look at hot dogs the same again...

Dayum dawg

Most of the collab was complete ballocks, but the reference to Dino D-day definately deserves a ten.

Another rewiew in 5 words

this has hardly amused me :/

review in 5 words

less better than previous collab

umm lol

double D takes LSD


awesome collab! loved every small 5 second portion of it XD


Justin beiber,,,

WTF ?? SORRY (v__v)

I think this is boring ... 've posted so much here in the NG ... and see that weight will I have to do is accept it ... I make myself clear?

ForNoReason responds:

No. You make no sense at all.

Thank god!

I fucking love you guys for adding a volume feature. It's soooo annoying having turn down the volume for my browser just for newgrounds flashes.

Sweetness bros :D

i honestly liked couple of pieces but some were a bit more disappointing then i thought... but it was still fun to work with everyone :D


some of it was funny because of the randomness but like other people are saying the animation sucked, and most of it wasn't funny, except since it is better than i could do then i cant really judge, plus you got front page.................................
... the only reason your getting an 8 is because im also like death the kid from soul eater and 8 is symmetrical.......... and i like randomness

<3 Collabs.

Even if the animation was bad, not funny or have a point what so ever... to get a group of people following certain criteria on the internet... especially Newgrounds... is always an achievement, and for that I say kewdos.

Meh. Work on it.

This collab would have been decent if all of the artists were decent themselves. Sadly, they were not. Im giving this a four because of the few artists who were actually good.

A waste

I'm sorry, but this just isn't front page material. There is no purpose to this collab. What entertainment could I possibly get from bunch of animations that are no longer than five seconds each. The animation was mediocre at best and the song was annoying. Just not very good at all. Try again, brother.

Wow... this is lousy...

Honestly... I can't imagine why this got frontpage. let's start with the premise; five second colab. You need to have some EXCELLENT people working on a five second colab for it to turn out even mildly good... and you apparently didn't. Most of the shorts were completely unfunny, and they were all utterly random. Seriously, five seconds is generally just not enough time to get anything good out of a short. Second, the quality of most of the shorts was... pretty bad. Honestly, they all looked like they were done in about 20 minutes to half an hour. if you're going to make something, to be viewed by other people, you should at lease put the time into it to make it look good. Finally, (although there are several more things I could rag on, I just don't have time) let's talk music. first, it was way to epic sounding for the material; second, it stopped sounding epic and got annoying pretty fast, and third it was about as unoriginal as you can get. So, in conclusion, I guess I've seen worse... but the fact that this got frontpage... just disturbs me. Sorry guys... I just don't think you deserve it.

Not bad...

The idea is good, but time pressure on some people greatly muffles their capacity as artists and we see some terrible shorts there.


i dont really understand how this on the first page and heres why
first off the animation for most of that was pretty bad there were one or two good ones in there definatly but it was mostly pretty bad
secondly the lack of actual humor was annoying ed edd and eddy on acid was the only part that made me laugh almost non of that was funny

This is very good stuff :D

Just brilliant!

Liked it

You really can't go wrong in 5 seconds. Funny and fast-paced. Nice work.


Music was kind of annoying.
Overall Quality was pretty low and mostly unfunny, you should have probably filtered the subs more, but that's just my two cents.
I was disappointed, stopped watching after a few seconds due to boredom.
I thought I'd take time out of my megabusy schedule to leave a comment anyway.
No, I'm just kidding.
I'm scratching my balls.
This was still boring though, sorry.


i liked the one about justin bieber!

I really enjoyed this,

I like how this turned out. Some of the animations were meh but the rest were pretty good. But that's the same as any collab.


this turned out pretty good!

Pure Randomness

I understand the idea of making a collaboration of many videos from various authors; yet, this really was not that good nor appealing to watch.

Props on the Ed, Edd, n Eddy, Sonic, and Road Runner references though. The Torture room scene wasn't that bad either.

Overall, not really that good but keep it up. Never a bad thing to post and continue animating.


.....but cool. Nice collab, yo. This is a nice stew of fresh ideas from talented artists, plus the music selection felt right. Good going everyone!


Some of these were really funny because they were 5 second random shorts but some of them were bleh. By funny I mean 8 or 9 out of 10 funny and by bleh I mean 0 or 1 out of 10 bleh.


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3.25 / 5.00