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The Land Beneath 5 Points

Fall through the clouds.

The Living Stars 5 Points

Unlock the gate.

Becoming 10 Points

The end is upon you.

Debugging Complete 10 Points

Destroy all the bugs.

Author Comments

One day, while you're testing a level for a developer friend of yours, you accidentally discover a hidden world inside the game. Alphaland is the story of exploring that world.

Arrow keys or WASD to move
Up/W/X/Space to jump

[Alphaland is a minimalistic platformer. It's pretty straightforward to play, so I'd rather not say too much and let you explore it yourselves. I hope you enjoy it!]


I really love this game but I'm unsure of the meaning. I think it's about coming to terms with death and excepting that there isn't an afterlife BUT you're body will fuel the world with your body therefor becoming the world. I'd like somebody to reply to this with the "Right" answer, Thank you.

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kinda weird, but cool seeing the outside of the game

I like this concept of playing outside the game and seeing all the code pieces in the background was a nice touch.
I like "glitchy" basic graphics of this game it really makes you feel like your playing a really early
pre-alpha of the game.
I know that the game was made this way and it does it very well but i would love to see a "betaland" game that uses the same concept but as if it was the next "patch" to this game.

It's really an original concept - for me, glitches are always the best part of the game. I also love that exploring element - I was feeling, that it isn't just following path made by developer.

strange game

You have Established something really interesting here, among other things i found this to be, Groovy and even somewhat, Swanky, but the most i would call this would have to be Spectacular, so you have a pretty good loaded game here, OK so the idea seems fun and interesting but i found this game to be kind of strange it was alright, i was kind of lost, maybe if you threw in some sort of hints that would guide it would helpwithall the confusion, The graphics well they were just as they were, but you do have a good concept here with an interesting "EXPLORING" touch so i did have fun just wish there was less confusion. I couldn't help but be entertained by this. While it was not as good as some other stuff, it was still very interesting And While it didn't have a lot of crazy stuff going on, it still had great Feel and element to it.

There was a little Frustration getting started here on some improvment points, because you did such a great job sofar, But there could be some possible Substituting here and there, Some things that could be made better would be options and features that like a possibly hint or tip feature in the game would be a real plus.

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Credits & Info

4.09 / 5.00

May 4, 2011
6:38 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other