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Thieves Afoot

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This video took me approximately two weeks to finish but many many hours and sleepless nights. The story was just made up as I went along..... "I really should consider planning these things out more" haha. It was a fun project and i am happy with how it turned out. My girlfriend Elizabeth Hearlson provided the voice and image for the girl


Oh my gosh!

For taking only two weeks, that was very good. Yea the story definitely lacked a little, but I think you could explore these characters a little more.

I love your animation style and creativity, I've never seen such a weird looking tree and those creatures were very interesting to say the least. I think if you develop them a little more and give them a good story, you'd have a great flash on your hands.

Really makes me want keep an eye out for your animations in the future, good work!

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RatiganZombie responds:

Thank you very much, I just may do that. I appreciate the review.... I try to keep thing interesting. but next time I really want to plan things out further


Like a trip between edward scissor hands...the episode of rubberman from aqua teen hunger force...some odd foot fetish...and a gloomy afternoon in a horrifyingly desolate and lonely park...

Woah O.o

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RatiganZombie responds:

haha, thanks for the review..... I appreciate it..... it's always nice to be compared to one of my favorite movies

great but...

what language were they speaking?

RatiganZombie responds:

English..... in reverse haha

Very eclectic!

The monsters resembled Cookie Monster, and that instantly made me respect their presence in the flash.
I loved the dark and unassuming humor, the entire piece took on a flow that really lends itself to the plot and resolution. I knew at the very beginning that something was going to happen to her feet...nice use of Chekhov's gun. The animation was so smooth, I was really impressed with the sheer quality of the movie. It was a pleasure to watch.

RatiganZombie responds:

Thank you very much, I really appreciate the review.

Wrong Foot!

lol. It's like Saw meets Edward Scissorhands haha we're looking forward to see more of your works. Break a leg!

RatiganZombie responds:

Thank you very much.... Edward scissorhands is a favorite of mine

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3.53 / 5.00

May 3, 2011
7:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Original