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[Soup] Truth of Osama

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Soup Squad is a little late to the party, but we're here to deliver .. and we're delivering the truth. What really happened to Osama bin Laden? Find out here!

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I admit to knowing nothing about the Soup Squad. That being said, this is probably the best thing you guys ever worked on. I had to check the date of Osama bin Laden's death. I knew it was sometime in May 2011. I love stuff that's topical. The animation wasn't bad.

Yeah, bin Laden deserves to be mocked. I'm glad you guys don't have the speaker phone voice. You're still not that great. At least this was something good. This should be in the War On Terror page.

Gosh wow!

Its got effort, its got camera angles, animating skill, voices, personality.
Is this really the product of something called the Soup Squad?

No, seriously, its good. Its like a cross between an Ock movie and Tankmen. I hope your crew continues to create new and original movies, with their own destinctive style.

Best Wishes to the Soups from the Dragons & Spirits

Dosensuppen responds:

I've always seen this particular flash to be a watered down version of Tankmen, or I have during the development. But hey, I enjoy gay jokes. I think you hit the nail on the head. Probably would have been better if it wasn't made in a single day.

And best wishes from Soup Squad to Dragons & Spirits.

Nice job - fun parody and cool facial expressions

Man, for their first flashes, those soups are pretty sympathic aren't they *shuhu*

This one is indeed some pretty good job, though people who dislike the clocks generally (speaking of only those who watched at least a 2, 3 clock movies TILL END) won't be able to enjoy soup's flash much.

I welcomed the facial expressions (eg the cute goggle eyes and the eyelids are moving and generally in action), the dialogue quality (which was far better than the ones from clock flashes) as well as the situation you created here generally.

With other words: Nice quick flash respond to the latest news, and if you keep the quality like that, soup is going to be something.

Dosensuppen responds:

Why thank you, kind individual. I personally like to think we're different from the Clocks/Locks in a lot of ways, but we're still similar. I really hope we do a lot for or on Newgrounds.

I can convert you ;)

-What kind of a sniper doesn't carry any bullets on him? I found that a bit odd but taco soup could of just been trigger happy earlier. He was talking about unloading when he sees dick's. Which was quite funny as it fit's into newgrounds humor perfectly and that's why I found this to be one of the funnier parodies of Osama's death. Great lines and that can make a simple looking animation all the better. Even if it's late it doesn't mean that it isn't good.

-Facial expressions were rather welcome as it made the characters more life like(if that is possible). Not sure if the spoons are entirely necessary since you use actual voice work but it's still a nice touch so people don't get confused since there aren't mouths. The crooked sniper and the can opener were ironic, but not out of place all things considered.

Dosensuppen responds:

The extra bullet thing was somewhat ironic, as well as a can carrying a can opener -- if that's what you meant. The spoons were there to somewhat mock the Clocks, but it does help if someone can't tell the voices apart.

But this kind of humor I'm glad you found tasteful. We tried to deliver something for Newgrounds. It seemed to have failed for the first few comments. Plus, we just didn't like the other shitty flashes coming in.

But I think it turned out well for a flash that wad made in a day.


"im osama im a big bad terrorist bogada bogada bogada LOL funny

Dosensuppen responds:

Yes, that is a gist of what he said. So, now that you gave a comment, where is your review? Oh wait, I forgot, this is Youtube.