VG Cats Animated 3

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This took me about 14 hours over a period of 2 days. I put in some shading and highlights to help the art and took some advice from many different people in the reviews of my last video.

Aeris - Autumn Stroble
Leo - Edwyn Tiong
Krug - Edwyn Tiong
Ternaldo - Nick Tiner

And the music:
Day of the Tentacle - Hotel Interiors Present
Baldur's Gate 2 (selected tracks)

Final Fantasy 8
Guilty Gear X
Max Payne 2
Miscellaneous stuff from online

My youtube channel: youtube.com/ocarinaplaya
Omahdon's channel: youtube.com/omahdon

Original comic: http://www.vgcats.com/com ics/?strip_id=110

Visit Scott at VGCats.com for more comics.

Download your own rat flail gif: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3 063215/avatar.gif


straight adaptation

I'd never heard of VG Cats before I watched this. So I looked at the specific comic this is based off of, and you know what, this is actually an excellent adaptation. The animation was all clean and true to the original designs. The voice acting was all great as well. Many have complained about Ms. Stroble's work, I think it was more or less spot on. Perhaps her annoyance and anger could be amped up a tad, but it works for me as is. In that respect, I'd change nothing. However, you should be clear that this is in no way shape or form a parody, it is a straight adaptation, line by line, scene by scene even. I think making that clear to your viewers would help you get less blams, though probably not by much. :P As for originality, I'm torn. Adaptation is a valid artform, it happens all the time, but in those cases, it is sanctioned. This is not (you said so yourself), which makes it stealing, even though you've sourced it. Usually, for straight copying somebody else's work, I would give you a zero. However, looking at their site, I get the feeling they wouldn't really care, since they already have audio adaptations and such. SO, since there seems to be a culture of free-sharing, I'll give this a fair score. But it would be nice to see you do your own work and not just take from somebody else.

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MikeandTreyVideo responds:

I think the main reason that the voice acting sounded off was because the voices were done back in 2004 (i think) and Omahdon didn't really get into the whole VG Cats thing until 2009.

good suggestions though. I actually do have some original ideas in my head, just need to get them onto my computer. Voicing it will be the hardest part


Well done animation, voice actors were killer awesome, and the timing was great. A nice A in my book :D

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Getting better and better!

Just add some shading and light to the backgrounds as well so it can compliment the better art you made for the characters.
Really like the voices you have for the characters too, great choices!


bahahah, wtf

Excellent adaptation

This was a really good adaptation of a web comic I thoroughly enjoy. You got the animation down pretty well, you did well with the shading on the characters. The only thing to worry about though, make sure you thicken the outlines of the characters. If you'd notice in the comic, their outlines are very thick and dark, your's don't need to be as big as their's but you should at least make them thicker.

And what's almost as important as the animation is the audio. First off, I loved the way you utilized the background noise and the background music (but I'm sure you'd score some points if you used an Audio track from the Audio portal instead of nabbing it online somewhere else, you'll get much higher praise here).
Now as for the voices Leo is good on his voice, Krug's is perfect as well as Ternaldo's. But Aeris' voice, as you've been informed, is weak. It needs to have more emotion and be a little deeper, the way she sounds now she sounds as if she is the one that has the plague. Just make sure you have her make the voice have a little more emotion, be a little louder. Aeris isn't a quiet or docile character, she's an oftenly aggressive and hostile character with a lot of emtion, draw upon that and everything will be fine.

Close to perfection, but the voice thing and the thin outlines are small serperately but together result in a reduction of one point. Still, an excellent job, you can only go up from here pal.

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May 3, 2011
4:26 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody